Experiencing Audio/Video sync issues

Just now testing Channels DVR to replace Plex DVR (plex's guide implementation on the firetv is absolutely horrible. You can't scroll without it glitching out). Starting to notice audio/video sync issues tho on live TV. I tried playing the same channel on my FireTV in both the HDHomeRun software and Plex and the sync issue doesn't seem to be there, only in the Channels app.

Which FireTV model?

Firetv gen 2, gen 3 and 2 firetv sticks gen 2

I, too, have started to notice A/V sync issues whether live or DVR recordings. Oddly, it looks to me like the audio is behind the video by a fraction of a second. (I say oddly, because usually it's the audio that gets ahead of the video because the TV introduces some additional latency with all its fancy video DSP).

My playback device is a Fire Stick 4K purchased in December 2018.

There seem to be so many variables to getting the A/V to sync (not just the playback device, but the TV, the soundbar, etc.) I wish the Channels app just had some kind of control where I could manually move a slider to get the audio/video to line up.

This still exists to this day. My in-laws came to visit and they like to have live tv on in the background (we haven't actually watched live tv in a while) and within a few minutes the audio and video were out of sync. Firetv Stick gen 2 and Channels is running on a QNAP 453Be. TVE channels didn't have this issue (so I had to switch TVE to my primary tuner).

This is an issue with the mpeg2 decoder on the fire stick gen2. TVE uses h264 so it is not affected. We recommend upgrading to a 4K stick or a TiVo Stream 4K.

Why can't channels transcode mpeg2 to h264 via ffmpeg or whatever it is using? My hardware is more than powerful enough to handle it

You can do that if you want. Change Home Streaming Quality in the app.

So do I just change that to 1080p 8 Mbps and that will transcode to h264?


I’ve had this happen on my Fire Stick 4K when I was a YTTV user.

Here’s what I did to resolve the issue:
1- Settings -> Display & Sounds -> Audio = set “surround sound” to “stereo”.
2- Back to settings -> Applications -> Manage Installed Applications = click into each installed application and “clear cache”
3- Back to settings -> My Fire TV -> Restart

Once the FireTV has restarted the sound should be in sync again.

Give it a try.

This keeps reverting back to default on my FireTVs. Is there anyway to force all home streaming to transcode no matter what? The sync issue has been getting worse and worse.

I am having this issue on my fire tv 4K. Using a Visio 5.1 sound bar with woofers and rear speakers. Connected in pass through mode on a tcl Roku tv.
Any ideas for correction.

I will try this. I am using YTTV as well as Philo and (2) HDHR FX 4K tuners. Also I think only one tuner is being allowed. I think when I record two atsc channels (1xx.x) the other tuner doesn’t record.

I fixed this issue by switching from the onboard celeron processor in my Qnap NAS to a headless Ryzen 5 2400ge pro server (Lenovo M715Q). Works amazingly better.

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