Experimental: Local Networks (NBC, ABC, FOX) in some major metros via TVE

I need diagnostics then, its not working as designed. It should have picked up the new Station values automatically

Done. 5d7d3c4a-8462-46ad-988c-cc81dcc80b3b

Sent diagnostics again after install of build 2021.09.10.1721.


updated to 2021.09.10.1721 turned off local tve and re-enabled and now it's working.

CBS here in Raleigh WNCN is still showing as WNCNNFL even w/ 1721.

Screen Shot 2021-09-10 at 2.28.02 PM

Logs have been submitted as 28cc5b08-623b-4240-b4ad-2a08c6423886 .

Fixes available in v2021.09.10.1817

Looks good now. Thanks!

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Confirmed fixed. Thank you!

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Here are the diagnostics I just submitted: 16683fef-898d-48ef-b2dd-ff4263bd3517

I can't get abc to work with my dish network credentials. It says the following:

2021/09/10 21:48:24.689176 [TVE] Channel scan 2/208 ABC failed: abcgo: 1039:This station's live stream is not available through your TV Provider.

Howerver when I go to https://abc.com/watch-live/abc and login with my dish credential it works fine. I submitted logs right after deleting the dish source and then recreating it. I'm running the latest pre-release.


Which callsign is shown on the dvr (under rescan menu), and what callsign is playing on abc website?

By callsign do you mean KSTP? That's what it says on the dvr. I don't see any callsigns on the abc website. It currently says "this video is either unavailable or not supported on this browser" which might be because of drm stuff. All my computers are linux and phones are rooted so I'm sure I don't pass "safety checks"

For me, when I scroll down the page to Schedule, it shows the logo of my local station.
Screenshot 2021-09-11 at 10-41-59 ABC Live Stream

I've been using channels dvr for a while and using this feature for local channels, currently I can watch ABC/CBS/NBC/PBS but not FOX in the Seattle area which is Q13 FOX. Over on fox.com I can use my Hulu creds to watch it. Since the shutdown of Locast, I've had to do without the channel unless I watch it in the Hulu app, is this going to be added in the future or is this not a TV everywhere website?

If it's KCPQ try updating to the latest pre-release version of the DVR software.
If that doesn't fix it, the devs will probably ask you to submit diagnostics from the DVR.

It is KCPQ, and no the latest pre-release didn't add it.


edit: Looking at the log it looks like it doesn't even attempt to try to scan the channel. It goes through NBC/ABC/CBS/PBS(KCTS)/CSPAN then to comedy central.

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I was using LOCAST but they recently had to shutdown. I just enabled this feature on my Channels Server, but only see ABC in my guide. I am in the Snohomish, WA area. Just wanted to ask if there was something else I can try to get the rest of the local channels.

Since it's a FOX O&O station https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Fox_television_affiliates_(table)#Owned-and-operated_stations it should stream programming 7x24 at https://www.fox.com/live/channel/KCPQ/
I would think the developers just need to add the call sign for it in a pre-release version.
Looks like a couple new pre-releases came out
DVR Pre-Release Notes

I'm very surprised that you aren't getting ABC/NBC/CBS/PBS I live in the same area. Are you on the pre-release version?

EDIT: Ok looks like KCPQ Q13 Fox Seattle has been added to todays pre-release! Yay! Thanks devs!
EDIT 2: Looks like KCPQ doesn't work. Sent an email + diagnostics.

Hate raising it because so much work is being done here, but i have a similar issue on CBS: Guide data is pulling WFSB data, but the stream is actually WCBS. Submitted 6ec1df09-922b-4466-aabf-fdbf8cd9713f

I am an annoying edge case, though - my spectrum actual service gives me both locals, but the online stream only provides WCBS.