Experimental: Local Networks (NBC, ABC, FOX) in some major metros via TVE

In the latest build (v2019.10.11.0022) we have added a new experimental setting at the bottom of the web UI that you can use to enable support for local NBC, ABC and FOX stations.

(NOTE: This feature will not work for everyone- it depends on your provider and on your location.)

NBC: Should work in almost any US city. Check nbc.com/live to see if you can stream your local NBC station.

ABC: Supported for stations owned by ABC (or owned by Hearst if you're using certain providers). Check abc.go.com/watch-live to see if your local ABC station is available.

FOX: Supported for stations owned by FOX. Check fox.com/live to see if your local FOX station is available for streaming.

CBS: Not supported. Local CBS stations are not available through just TV Everywhere login, because CBS wants you to use CBS All Access.


Is this Locast, or an addition to TVE?
Where (Channel#'s) would these show up if we get them?

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No, not related to Locast. This provides access to local stations streams (in some areas) using TVE logins.

The channels will appear as:

6000 NBC
6001 ABC
6002 FOX


I can see and view my Local NBC stream in the web browser but Fire TV 4K device does not show the channel. Channel number 6000. It shows up in the tuner settings but not the guide.

Try clicking and hold the TVE source on the Tuner settings tab of the app and select Refresh

That did nothing. I see it in the tumer lost, just not seeing it on the guide. Odd !!
I should mention it’s doing the same on my Apple TV too.

Is the guide set to Favorites maybe?

I set to all as well. with no Luck.

On the web UI is it showing guide data for 6000?


Okay maybe a bug then. Will try on my FTV4K tomorrow

Hmm. Are you getting NBC via HDHR too? The guide is probably getting combined.

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10-4. You guys are spoiling us. I’ll try to record something and see if I can at least view that if not live.

Im recording that channel and I clicked on the recording and selected watch live, The channel does play.

You are correct. I hid my local channel and the TVE Channel appeared. I hope this can be corrected. This would be great to have the streaming channel available to record if all 4 of my HD homerun tuners are being used.
But what strange is that I have 2 Comet channels that show up in my Guides. OTA and TVE, so the combing issue should occur in on these as well.

The app will automatically use the combined channels in order of priority. So if your HDHR is listed first it will try that first and then try TVE if the HDHR is busy.

I tried an experiment and set both channels on and set the TVE tuner as the top priority, My Local channel disappeared. So recording will work If I leave the HDHR as priority. This will still work. Just don’t see why these don't behave like my Two Comet channels do. Both in the guide. Strange but you guys will fix it.

Are the two Comet channels both the same time zone feed? If so, that would explain why they do not combine.

You might want to mention this to the users so they want inundate you with questions and issue of the same as I did. Thank you for taking time solving this with me. I just love what you guys have developed here. I like help making it better for you with my input. Believe me if you ever owned and used Tivo’s, this product is far better than those. I have not lost but gained functionality and features. I have spent Over 2 Grand on Tivos including those lifetime and monthly service plans and can’t get them to troubleshoot my issues with their guide after these repacs. I can’t record my locals any more.

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Yes. Same Time Zome