Experimental: Stream Links from the Guide via Custom Channels

Can't navigate to the live feed directly, but you can use this to open the app (requires latest TestFlight)



Aha! For those who want to launch YTTV on Apple TV, you can use app://com.google.ios.youtubeunplugged. I don't think you can launch directly into a channel like this. At least nothing I've tried has worked so far. Oddly, this doesn't work on iOS even though I got the bundle id from the iOS version.:man_shrugging:t2:


Thank you for digging into this. I'm not too worried about iOS. Works great on ATV.

This is a great addition and seems to work well.

Two questions:
• Will this also work on tvOS?
• How do we get a list of available channels/apps to create our own?

Thank you, I LOVE Channels DVR :grinning:

This works great! If you get the chance to post the channel numbers for Cinemax, THMAX HD, MOMAX HD, OMAX HD, and Music Choice 70's, that would be great. Thanks.

To find the spectrum channel numbers:

  • open chrome web inspector to network tab
  • load watch.spectrum.net/livetv
  • filter requests to "/channels"
  • click response
  • click {} in bottom left of response
  • press ctrl+f and search for channel
  • copy networkId and tmsGuideId to create M3U entry

for example disney is 85:

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Is networkId a channel group id, and do I need another entry to narrow down the channel within the group, if the group has more than 1 channel?

What do you mean? The link for Disney is /livetv/85 and my screenshot shows 85 as networkId

I may be late to the party. I need some help coming up to speed. I'm trying to recover the ability of getting NBC content through Channels. I've never used strreamlink before and I can't figure out what I'm missing if I don't know how it works. I can't find a clear explanation.

Per the dialog above, I'm running the Android DVR with beta version 2023.04.29.2248. I'm running a Firestick client using beta 4.6.3-v404240443. I copy pasted the #EXINF: files from above in Sources using Add Source /Custom Channels.

The result is my NBC channels showing up in the guide perfectly. When I click one the screen goes black and will stay there forever.

So, what am I missing? I don't really see a pointer to my provider (HULU). Where is that connection made?

Thanks for your help,


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Stream Links open other apps to play content, in this case, a live stream. So the goal here is that it opens an app on your system to watch NBC.

You need to make sure you have the actual app that corresponds to the universal link the stream link will open and subsequently open the corresponding app.

Cinemax (53) and Music Choice (235) for example, have multiple channels with the same NetworkID. You use that channel # ID, and it opens the first channel in that group. I would like to link other channels in that group.

Thank you for your help but I'm still missing something. My provider is Hulu. How does Stream Links open this universal link? What is the actual app?

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The NBC app

Any links for BBC iPlayer or ITVX? Thanks

This is correctly listing data, but when it jumps me over to the NBC app on my iPad, it gives me an error message, even though I'm signed in to the NBC app: "Z100 User must re-authentice". If I close the error message and go back to the NBC app main screen, I can watch other content.


UPDATE: I just checked and things work fine on the iPhone, so this is just an issue in my iPad (2018 12.9 inch iPad Pro).

Sorry if I seem dense but I still don't understand. My streaming provider is HULU Live. I can add the NBC app to my firestick but I don't see from the information above how the #EXINF information that I pasted into sources will connect me to the NBC app and even if it does, the app won't let me watch MSNBC without a paid subscription, will it?

In this instance, clicking a show will launch the NBC app. Inside the NBC app is a live guide of its own that includes MSNBC, Bravo, E!, and more. And yes, it will let you watch the MSNBC channel, so long as you're able to authenticate via provider (in your case, Hulu Live.)

At least that is how it works for me, on AppleTV, with the NBC app authenticating via DirecTV subscription.

Is it possible to get a stream link for the NESN 360 app on Apple TV?

Thank you. I have installed the NBC app and verified that it works. When I use the Channels app and click on MSNBC I get a black screen. That's it. It can't seem to find the NBC app.

Hmm. Have you updated to the latest betas and prereleases of all the ingredients involved?