Fantasy Baseball Website Using Chanels DVR
This webapp allows you to track your fantasy players (currently only yahoo fantasy players) to show you when the are hitting, pitching, on-deck or in the hole. There are many ways to do this with other programs/apps including the yahoo fantasy website/stattracker itself. However, it seems to me the yahoo tracking doesn't always work that well. In any case, it helped me with my programming knowledge designing this program.
There is one extra thing I am attempting to do with this and that is the inclusion of a channels dvr connection. Primarily this works in connection with the excellent docker container/image that was developed by crackers8199 here: MLB.TV for Channels. In conjunction with that container running on your network, if you fill out the required information on the channels dvr link on the home page, this program will attempt to change the channel to those players who are in the referenced status. You may have to open up a port in your router to do this so as to be able to change the channel. It will give priority to hitters, of course. And when no-one is hitting it will change the channel to any pitchers who you have pitching at the time. If you choose a favorite team, it will change the channel to that team when none of your players are hitting or pitching, etc. Anyway, hope it works out. I am a novice so please keep your jeers to a minimum. Go cubs!

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This looks very cool!

Thanks! There may be some bugs as I have really only tested it with me and my 2 teenagers.