Fast speed playback, aka Tivo Quick Mode

That's cool idea.

Ha! I was just about to post asking about this feature, and it's already done, nice! I kept looking for it under the options while watching live TV, but it wasn't there, only under recorded shows.

So, I'll tack on to the request line and ask to have the options available while watching live TV. In addition, I'd also request a 1/4 & 1/8 slow speeds (hockey can be fast! haha).


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Out of curiosity, how do you see this working for live TV? I honestly don't understand how you can make live real-time broadcasts go faster, unless you mean something different?

And if you mean when you are behind in the buffer, what happens once you reach live? And then if you pause it again? ... Just trying to see how this can be presented in a sensible UX ...

These are all the reasons it’s not available for live tv and won’t be.

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Is there a way to have ChannelsDVR (for library content) default to the last playback speed for that show.

Example: If i watch a episode of King of Queens (KoG) and set it to 1.25x speed. Then i leave KoQ and go watch Fox News. Since I changed shows it would default back to 1.0x speed (which it already does). Tomorrow i watch another episode of KoQ it should default to 1.25x playback speed since that was the last speed that show was played on.

Im not sure if this is a simple thing or a difficult thing. Fuck @bellbm & I both might be crazy outliars and others might hate the idea. Ahhh whatever. I think it's a cool idea.

------------------ 1 million percent serious on the below------
Also i agree with @ChannelRat . I don't care about technological problems of fast play on live tv. Dont ask how, just figure it out. I will compose letters to my local brosdcast stations to simultaneously broadcast standard playback and fast play stream too. This would be so fucking cool.

Im pretty sure @channelrat meant for buffer playback. I want to clarify. I want it for live tv.

Ok i just called Fox customer service. I explained fast play to the representatives. She laughed at me. But its ok. I know @maddox will figure it out anyway.

This was just added in the latest DVR pre-release and tvOS/iOS beta. Be sure you fetch both of them (tvOS/iOS is going up now). It works just as you described. Playback Speed is now an option for shows. Set the playback speed there, and each recording for that show will start with the set playback speed.

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awesome! I'm updating my library now!

Awesomeness. Ty @maddox.

Upggrades to latest beta
Puts apple sticker on nvidia shield.
.....Why isnt my new apple tv working with feature.

Lol. Ty for all the good work.

@maddox can you also add that setting to this window?

Also, is the speed fixed after you leave the recorded show playing fast? If you go to live tv from a recording with the speed changed, live tv would stay at that speed.

I’ll check it out tonight, figure I mention it.


That’s the pass settings. Playback Speed is a Show setting.

What platform is having that issue?

Yeah, I wasn't very specific, my bad...

So, I've been using Channels for maybe 2 years, with the last year it being my sole go-to to watch TV. I say the last year because it took me a year to wean myself off Tivo and finally turn it off after untold years, haha. So that's where I'm coming from regarding this request.

So to clarify, yeah, I didn't mean speed up current, live TV; I don't know how one would do that either. However, IIRC on Tivo, like @jake.joycelyn said, I think you could do this on the buffer of a live stream and then when it caught up, it simply dropped back to normal speed.

What I should have said though, was that I was looking for how to slow down live TV. Ideally, if you're familiar with Tivo and how their scrubber works overall, regarding FF/REW/Skipping/Quick Mode/Slow, then I'd love for Channels to work the same way! Yes, I know, Channels is not Tivo and I'm done with Tivo, but these specific functions, it did extremely well. :smiley:

Coming back to slowing live TV, I used the hell out of that functionality when watching sports. It was great from the perspective of you're watching a game and something happens you'd like to watch in slow-mo.

I know, edge case I'm sure!



Thanks. I figured it would be a good place for the setting when setting up a pass. Let’s you setup right away and tells you that the setting exists.

It happens on Apple TV, 2021 4K on my case.


Hmm, this should be ok. I’ll check it out.

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Hi Jon,

Can you add faster speeds to fast playback. When I had WMC I would use much faster speed to watch a tennis match. The score would tick through pretty quickly then I'd go back to normal when it got interesting. 2X is still way too slow. I don't remember the WMC speed options but probably 4,6,or 8X.

I would be happy to try a beta firestick to see which works best.

Thanks, Doug

For live TV, remember, this feature also plays SLOWER than normal too, so the problem with going ahead of current isn't always an issue..
The way Tivo handles it is that if you have a buffer (which on Tivo can be up to 30 minutes live) you can put it in fast mode, and it will just play through the buffer faster. When it gets back to realtime, it just plays 1x live. I can't remember what happens if you subsequently pause again (ie: will it remember you were in fast mode) but for me, this is much less interesting than having the feature in some form. I also used to like backing up live TV and watching in slow motion temporarily (+1 for another hockey fan!!)

All of this being said, until about 10 minutes ago, I had no idea this feature even existed! I searched for it because I saw the "default playback speed" under show options on my web client.. This is something I've been meaning to ask about and was also missing, so I'm already so happy it exists!!

Last question - I have a TivoStream4k client.. Is there a way to make a more convenient way to get into this mode than to press down and go through the options menu? I am using the included remote, so my buttons are limited. I'd be curious if others are using 3rd party remotes and (for example) is there a way to map buttons to "increment speed" and "decrement speed" with one touch?

Thanks to all the devs... I've been loving Channels for the year or so that I've been using it as my primary platform. I really thought that as a Tivo user since the early Tivo 1 devices that it'd be harder, but it's been great, with most challenges arguably being me being an old dog not wanting to learn a new trick..

No. You can change a show's default playback speed for recorded content in the web UI, but there is presently no button/keyboard shortcut to change the playback speed.

Is there any logic as to when the playback speed option is available for a recording and when it's not? I previously thought that a recording must be completed, but the other night on my a Shield Pro, i noticed the Playback Speed option on a live recording that i was just starting and it worked. The same recording on my Apple TV did not have the option until after the recording was complete. Just now, I'm watching a recording from last night from the docker and there's no Playback Speed option on my Apple TV. I've never had this happen before (since it rolled out) . Any ideas?

That’s a bug on Android then.

I can confirm that the Playback Speed option works for this recording on my Shield Pro, ipad beta app, but not on my Apple TV beta app and not on my Android phone beta app.
Oddly, i can't find the Playback Speed option on my android phone app for any recording at all