Favorite channels do not update from system to Apple TV app

Every time I make a change to system favorites, I have to delete the app and reload it to get the favorites to propagate to the app. Same for iOS.

That is the expected behavior. Channel collections managed via the DVR server are the proper way to manage favorites to keep in sync across clients.

Also, see this post from @maddox:

Collections are a bit clumsy when all I want is a favorites list that can be edited easily and appear everywhere. I really would rather the Favorites list had the option to sync to all devices, and any edits would sync across. Each app could have a a popup preference for "System Favorites" on/off.

Two things:

  1. If Favorites are not supposed to sync then why do they propagate to any new app installation?
  2. Why do all of the other default Collections disappear when I create and select one Collection? This is definitely a deal-breaker for using Collections if that's how it is. I use the default Collections and I don't want to have to recreate them manually. Also, they seem to be dynamic based on what's available.

You're right, it's an either/or proposition. Channel Collections are presently static, but dynamic collections are said to be coming.

So if you create one static Collection, you lose all of the dynamic ones. This is not good.

So for now I'll just use the system Favorites and delete and reload all the apps whenever I edit the Favorites. It's a better option than managing Collections and losing the default dynamic Collections.

You do know you can edit the favorites in the client app, too, right? You don't have to pull them from the server.

Of course, and then you have to do that on every client. I have three Apple TV’s and several iPads and iPhones in the household. We want one Favorites list that syncs. We’re not that into TV that every person and every device and every room needs its own customized Favorites list. One general Favorites list plus the dynamic lists is perfect.

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