Favorite TV show episodes virtual channel

I would like to create virtual channels that only contain specific episodes of related TV shows. Something like the following:

Star Trek Time Travel
Star Trek TOS - The City on the Edge of Forever
Star Trek TOS - Tomorrow is Yesterday
Star Trek TNG - Cause and Effect
Star Trek TNG - Yesterday's Enterprise
Star Trek DS9 - Trials and Trible-ations

You can do this by manually selecting the episodes when you set up the Virtual Channel or it might be easier set up a Library Collection instead. Either way should work.

I tried both of those options. The issue is that when you add content, you are only given the option to select an entire TV series, not the specific episodes.

You can search for episode names and add them directly.

Or just make a smart rule like: favorited=true categories=Episode

You can mark episodes as favorites in the app or on the web UI

Doing a search worked great! Thank you.

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I'm not finding any way to mark individual episodes as favorites in the web UI or in the app, only for the entire show. It might be nice to have that ability though.

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I had the same problem trying to create a virtual channel of just the TV pilots (s1e1) of shows from the 80’s. I tried by episode number, and also favorites, but the interface didn’t let me. I could not see a way to mark just one episode as a favorite. I could only mark the whole series.

I asked here and was told that Channels only supports movies and TV shows, not individual episodes. Which seems like an odd limitation, given how amazing Channels is in all other ways. Maybe one day :crossed_fingers:t3:

It was mostly because we don’t have a good way to present them. But this scenario is a good one and we’ll try to get this going soon.

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Good news:

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Awesome! Thanks for this, I’ll be putting it to good use. Very appreciated.

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I'm having trouble with the second part of this.

I can: mark episodes as favorites and I can browse them that way (which is great!):

However, I'm having trouble with the Smart Rule in a Virtual Collection part.

Smart Rule in a VC correctly picks out the show:

But adding categories=Episode results in nothing showing up:

Any help appreciated -- many thanks in advance!

Remove Show Name, it matching shows instead of episodes

EDIT: Looks like you need to use Movie Title and it will work

@tmm1 -- thank you very much -- that worked!

(I had already tried without the Show Name, but then it pulled in all episodes from my entire library of all shows. Adding Movie Title solved this).

Thanks again!

Great. I'll fix it so Show Title works

Awesome, thank you!