Feature request: Channels ATV theme

It would nice if there was a way to change the theme/color scheme of Channels to match the color of the ATV. It would satisfy my OCD needs.


Is this a feature that will be available in the future? I’d also like to see the different channel programming color coded. Sports in orange, movies in purple, news in blue, etc.

I love Purple as much as the next man, but how about a choice for either day (grey on white) or night (white on black), to match the day/night modes of the main AppleTV UI?

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I think a night/day theme would be awesome.


I wonder if a new thread for this needs to be started. I see this is kind of old. I really would like some choice in themes.

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Yea really I live in Maryland and purple is getting old. (Go Ravens)

I'm in NC but from Maryland; GO RAVENS!!!

Check out this thread, might be what you’re looking for depending on what platform you use.

We are in the Apple TV section so it that does not apply. But it would be nice if the would let the Apple TV theme rule the colors (Light/Dark) and wile you're at it changing channel numbers. These two things would make many users happy. Maybe a gofundme would do the trick.