[Feature Request] Double play from Apple TV Buffer (pause 1 channel, watch another)


One thing I really miss from my Directv Genie is a feature called “Doubleplay”.

What this does is allows you to pause one channel (for example, during a commercial break), then click the down arrow (on the directv remote) to watch the previous channel you were watching (or select a new channel to watch). So, the last channel viewed prior to the current one would appear, leaving the previous channel paused.

Once you finish watching the 2nd channel, click the down arrow again to return to the previous channel (still paused, but auto resumes from the point you left off). You can then FF through the commercials and resume watching the program.

For Channels, while watching a program the “swipe up” feature is unused, so perhaps that could be used for doubleplay function.


I like this too, but it doesn’t appear popular to consume multiple tuners.


I requested this a while back if you’d like to add a vote:


I just voted for your request.


I like this too, but it doesn’t appear popular to consume multiple tuners.

I’m not quite following. If they are not being used, what’s the downside?


I think what @ImNotSerious means is, you sort of use it without meaning to. Once you change the channel you’re now using 2 tuners.

Sure, there’s ways around this, but you don’t want to have to take on the cognizant effort to always keep track of it in your head, not to mention what kind of UI it would take to manage it. Add another TV and it’s using 2 tuners all the time too. This is bad.

As with every feature ever written in software, it’s tricky.


Perhaps a deliberate gesture or action triggers the activation of the doubleplay so its only activated on purpose.

For example, while viewing live TV, the swipe down, as it currently works, reveals the tray showing your current favorite channels to allow you to change channels. Clicking one takes you to that channel as it does today. However, if you click and hold for a few seconds, it can trigger the doubleplay. Perhaps with a quick modal that confirms you have started doubleplay. The modal just appears briefly to confirm doubleplay, then auto fades after a few seconds.


i was wondering if there has been any progress toward this feature.