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[Feature Request] Double play from Apple TV Buffer (pause 1 channel, watch another) (8)
Integrate other streaming services into guide (14)
Feature Request - Change Color Scheme ( 2 ) (27)
Signal strength indicators (18)
Sync Favorites (11)
Feature request - Ability to search for movies etc (3)
Interface for sports broadcasts (4)
Play current channel while on grid ( 2 3 ) (51)
Default Channel on start (8)
Channel Up, Channel Down (4)
Recorded Episodes (DVR) - Easier access to episode summary (1)
Forward and back 24 hours on guide (2)
Add free internet streams a la Pluto TV (6)
Quicker way to get the closed captions on (7)
Airplay speakers selection (feature request) (12)
Another Clock and Color Thread (Photoshopped) (9)
Feature request: Clock? (6)
In Info view, indication if episode is New (1)
Fast Delete (1)
Auto Play Up Next (3)
Request: Full Guide (1)
Looping Guide (2)
Recording List View (10)
Button to watch channel when searching for content (9)
Date on Guide? (11)
Grid display of recordings (12)
[Feature Request] Allow enable/disable swipe left/right to change channel in Favorite or "All channels" (3)
Auto select HD version of channel (2)
TV App integration (12)