[Feature Request] PBS Live stream

Based on whatever shows up on the pbs site. If there's multiple in your area, you will see 6005 as well.

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I’m getting 6007 WLVT out of PA but I’m in NYC.
It’s giving the error: TVE: Could not fetch playlist: : Get "": unsupported protocol scheme ""

Just an FYI

Also, might want to include pbs in this:

Local Networks via TV Everywhere

Some major metropolitan area offer access to NBC, ABC and FOX stations via TV Everywhere

Thanks, works great here. 'Tunes quickly' compared to other TVE channels.

Um....under what TVE source woudl this show up under?
I have Philo and Xfinity...and xfinity only one that local networks, NBC and FOx.
Both TVE sources show PBS Kids. and it works fine.

Even if it is not offered in my area, specifically, if they added it as a tve channel, should i see it in the list of "not supported, or whatever message channel next to the channel place holder number, like i see for all the other channels that do not work for whatver given reason, no offered, etc.?

For me it's

Also see

Does the Channels DVR TVE headless chrome browser use this to access the PBS stream and if so, is it also used for other TVE websites to provide "Location Sharing" to determine where the browser is located?

Decided to try it out.

Was watching the episode of This Old House 40 Year Anniversary and decided to record the rest of it, so chose Record from the Live viewer. That started the recording and kicked me out of the Live viewer as expected.

After the recording was done I chose to watch it using the DVR web UI.

The audio keeps dropping out while the video plays normally.

I played the .mpg recording file in VLC and my video editor which play normally.

I figure you're going to tell me not to watch the Channels DVR recording in Channels DVR using my web browser from the DVR web UI, so if that's the case and you're not going to support it, then please remove it as a client and don't allow playback of Live TV or Recordings from it.

Other than that I have no issue as I always use my video editor to cut ads for archiving, or watch and delete things I don't want to save.

No. The issue with playback in the browser, however, is that it has nothing to do with Channels. The support for playback is not related to Channels' software, but rather your browser, since the web UI solely uses your browser's native media capabilities.

So, if you have a problem with playback in your browser, complain to your browser developer, not Channels. If you're having a playback issue with a Channels' client, then your feedback is more than valid.

But remember the web UI is primarily an administrative interface, and was never developed nor marketed as a viable client for satisfactory end-user experiences.

Really? How so?
Channels DVR web UI player has nothing to do with Channels DVR web UI?
I thought the web UI player used was from Channels, not from the browser, correct me if I'm wrong?

When I don't use the Channels DVR web UI for viewing live or viewing and deleting its recording, I use VLC or archive the recording after removing ads with my video editor.

Are you saying I must watch from one of the Channels client devices, like an android or apple device, otherwise take a hike?

If so, it's easy to cancel my monthly subscription, but I prefer to hear from the devs before doing that.

When you choose to use the web UI for the DVR server, you are using the media capabilities of the browser you are accessing the DVR server from. Channels has no control over this.

If you choose to use one of Channels' clients, the playback is handled with a custom media player based upon mpv.

If you are choosing to use the web UI instead, you are at the mercy of the browser. Channels has no control over which browser you use, and they have no control over which media containers and codecs your browser supports.

No. I am saying that if you choose to use one of their clients which they support, and you experience an issue, then you have a valid bug report if something isn't working. But if you are choosing to use a browser that they have no control over, then they can't offer any relevant fixes, because they aren't in control of the client you are using.

You're wrong. The "web UI player" is your web browser's media player. The content is supplied by your Channels DVR, but how it is handled is completely out of their hands.

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Anyone can verify I have KOCEDT as PBS but on ther website I cannot play live stream because error "The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported." same for Chrome and Safari

How come i don't see that option in the pre-release?

What option?
This one?

Did you add a TVE source yet?

Is there a way to get a TVE account besides having cable? I have an antenna and PBS is so bad with reception since they took the deal from the FCC and moved from VHF to UHF. I was hoping with them broadcasting it free and clean on the web it would be implemented here with out a login.

You can sign up for a trial with an OTT service (such as Sling or Philo). Use the credentials to create a TVE source in Channels, and then enable locals via TVE. After you have used the credentials to get TVE setup in Channels, you can cancel the streaming service to ensure you won't be billed.

After the service is cancelled, the paid TVE networks will no longer authorize, but the free streams (channels 6700+) and PBS will remain available.

While not an optimal situation, it will give you the result you're looking for.

Would it be possible to have an option to manually set the station, location, or zip code for PBS? My local station is available for live streaming (Louisiana Public Broadcasting), but Channels is giving me a couple of stations in West Virginia. I can choose and play the LPB stream fine in Safari and the PBS app on iOS and tvOS.

Location Sharing?

So i'm getting bad mappings for my tve pbs stations

Station 6004 - is supposed to be weta - but its weta Metro (one of the sub channels)

Station 6006 - is supposed to be wnet and the listings don't line up

What are the odds now that PBS has locked down streaming they'll stream Apple owned content?


Appears so. Streaming it now from pbs and my local pbs station.