TVE - Some PBS Stations Showing a "We've updated the way we livestream" Message

I'm near Philadelphia and noticed this yesterday in the streams for WHYY and WVLT, although WNJS continues to show programming. These channels show up for me under my Philo source.

Got the same error screen on channel 6005 (WSBEDT Providence) PBS, but,
6004 WGBHDT PBS Boston is working fine.

Also still working is 44.2 WGBXDT2 (SD, Boston).

Windows 10 server, yesterdays Channels beta software.

Seeing the same with my local PBS (KVIE Sacramento).
Of course it works fine on their website. Must have changed url or encoding.

Well drat, just decided to check here. It was streaming fine on Sunday, but now all three show the placard.

6004 kcts working (via Philo or Hulu)
6005 kbtc placard (via Philo or Hulu)

I don't think provider matters; it's PBS that changed their endpoints.

(I believe PBS works the same as channels 6700-6999: there is no authentication necessary at all.)

Unfortunately it looks like DRM has been added.

Well that's a bummer. Thanks for the clarification.

Edit: I checked my three local PBS stations, both from the main PBS website as well as their own sites, and all three were DRM-protected DASH streams. So, looks like PBS via either TVE or a custom channel is a no-go.

Doesn't the network have to actively include what channels they want to add to the TVE?

Why would they do that and then add DRM so it couldn't be used?

Are we seeing the beginning of the end for TVE?

It was nice while it lasted...

The PBS channels are not actually part of the TV Everywhere ecosystem. They are free streams that are available to all via PBS' website. This is the same for channels 6700-6999 listed under a TVE source: all of those channels are freely available and streamed via the networks' websites without any need of authentication.

Same with mine.
Looks like they updated their apps a few weeks ago in preparation.
Can still stream from the website and via their apps.

Ah, understood. Thanks

Hi, Los Angeles PBS channels 6004,6005 via Experimental TVE now say:

We've updated the way we livestream!
Plese update your PBS app to keep streaming.

(in a static full screen notification message)

On the ChannelsDVR releases through 2021.11.18.2053

I tried toggling the "Local Networks via TV Everywhere"


Moved your post to the correct thread. Unfortunately PBS is dead for Channels due to DRM.

FYI, same with WEDH. Just saying in case you want to clean up the lineups.

I don't think it matters. TVE/Custom channel–based PBS is a thing of the past now. Their streams are DRM–encumbered, and now incompatible.

I'm trying to delete them and return to my sometimes on/sometimes off OTA signal through an HDHR, without disabling those local TVE's that still work. I can "hide" them but they still are prioritized over my HDHR, so Channels continues to pull the TVE screen when I try the local channel number. Any suggestions? Thank you.

If you disable them in the web UI, then Channels will not use them for recording. If they still appear in your client app, quit/force stop the app and reload it.

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That did it. Thanks.

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