Feeding a Video Capture Card to Channels

My guess is this would be similar to adding a camera, I'm looking to occassionally add a stream to Channels that I can only access through an app on my Firestick (No TVE). I have a CABLETIME Video Capture Card, a small external device. Some people use this device to stream their video games. In my case, I plug my Firestick into the capture card, which then feeds into my PC Computer that contains my Channels DVR server through USB. I can watch the firestick stream on the free "OBS Studio" on this PC. Does anybody know how to get that stream onto Channels? The card supplies 1080 30fps. Not great but it's watchable.

Nope. I was pretty much laughed at when i asked for such a request, to add a local input option. Like Windows Media Center could use capture card inputs fine, used it for my VCR lol.

However, if you got one of those IPTV streamer/capture boxes, you could convert your input device to a m3u stream and since channels can use that as source, however, they are costly and there woudl be latency issues.

I made a feature request some time ago....no one seems to want it, no one voted for it.

Thanks. What DOES work is that you can record shows in the OBS platform and then play them as Shows in Channels. You just can't stream live.

This may work: https://blog.danman.eu/new-version-of-lenkeng-hdmi-over-ip-extender-lkv373a/

If you’re looking to turn an OBS Stream into a Channels M3U, I was actually able to do this today!

The plug-in OBS-RTSPServer (https://obsproject.com/forum/threads/obs-rtspserver.126230/) runs in OBS and is able to create the stream on my local network, and then after starting it, I made a .m3u8 file in Notepad++ to import into Channels to grab the stream.

The M3U8 File looks like:


Please bear in mind I know nothing about these playlist files but this was able to get me a very basic single channel listing that when played, streams a live OBS feed.

I used it to stream a Weather Channel emulator :slight_smile:

Sorry for being late but I hope this helps! I can go into more detail if needed.

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