Local input channel (HDMI in etc)

Could really use a "Local Input In" Channel.

Thinking of the days of Windows Media Center, where u could have Composite input mode.

I have only one HDMI input on my monitor, and i am constantly having to change HDMI cables out for my PC, Xbox, and such.

Would be awesome, if, say the sever the DVR was on, had a HDMI capture card, and i could load that input as a Channel in the Channels app on my Shield. So i can switch from a live tv channel, to my pc, or xbox.

I have tried HDMI switcher, but the cheap china ones are trash, and even the expensive ones cause HDCP and other quality/framerate issues.

Maybe, there is a way to setup one of those HDHR emulators, to stream a local input?
Or maybe set VLC in some fashion to take a hardware input and stream it in a fashion said HDHR emulator.

Or of someone knows how to get Windows 10 to cast to a Shield, and i mean the whole OS natively, not just the Google Chrome cast the browser tab...which is too laggy to be useable. And it freezes when i turn off the built in display, or close the lid. I have Googled, and tried a few softwares that claimed to cast, but none of them worked or even detected the Shield.

I use Chrome remote desktop. I have several windows mini computers that are not connected to a monitor and use an android tablet to control them.

that is a very different thing. Remote desktop is accessing a remote computer....not outputting it hdmi signal to a device or stream.
I dont want to control and acces computer, i want to use its hdmi out as a secondary monitory, or to "cast" things to my large monitor that already as my Shield connected to it.

Your HDMI capture card is bound to run into HDCP issues here. And any workaround that makes it mimic an HDHomeRun is likely to add a lot of latency, as well as a reduction in image quality.

If you're looking for something that would work really reliably, you may want to consider buying a decent-quality AV receiver. Those tend to handle HDMI switching as well as any TV does. And you can usually configure them to just pass through audio to the output HDMI, if you don't actually want to plug speakers into them.

There shouldn't be any delay or issue with a local input from a capture card that channles could use as an input.
WMC never had any issues with it, though, HDMI and DRM standards have improved since those days.
I have had no issues using a USB capture device and OBS to record anything i stream from my PC or my Shield. and there is not delay in that.

I am not sure as to how well HDHR emulators work as far as delay etc, i tried a few for IPTV use, but it never worked. Dont think those support local input anyway. so, my thought process was to take the HDMI make it IP...but I had not thought of the delay and latency issue. that really dont matter for video media, like tv channel or video file, but wont do for real time pc use or game.

I did find a software for my PC to make it so that i just open an app on my Shield and it works as a clone or extended display. It work great for video. with no noticeable lag for 30fps vids, 60fps and it does struggle to keep up.


Why not just buy an AV receiver? They work great for switching HDMI inputs because they have excellent HDCP support, including maintaining an active HDCP handshake with every input (even inactive ones) just like a decent TV will.

Otherwise, Monoprice sells higher quality HDMI switches with HDCP support, and even CEC support. You may want to give those a try instead of the cheaper ones.

i have no space for one. and i already use my 2.1 Creative T4 speakers for everything.
I often also use a usb dac and headphones.

There’s this HDMI to IP kit from Monoprice:

Monoprice Blackbird H.265 HDMI Over IP Kit, Splitter System and Extender Up to 328ft ... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B082V39YZZ/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_apip_2an8YB8Ljqou8

It works well with VLC. You only use the transmitter if using VLC for the IP stream. What are these HDHR Emulators you speak of? Links to what and how-to’s?

I’ll make this simple. There’s no way in the world we would add this feature, lol.


lol. it would of been cheaper, and a lot less time trying all these suggestions and less time trying to read all of that and try to make sense of what the op is trying to say, where you can just buy an actual tv with more than 1 hdmi input for little money.

I don't see how or why using a local input is much different than using a network source, or a local file source. I didnt have much faith in it being a thought...but again, it would be useful for some. an input source..is an input source. I have seen some Plex users do it, and i know, via plugins, Kodi can do it. just was a thought.

I dont use a tv...i use an existing 32in LG computer monitor. that has 1 HDMI, 1 Display port only.
I live in a small bedroom. I have no room for larger display on my desk, and TVs are shit for computers for pixel pitch and latency.
U also cant buy a nice, high end 32in tv anymore...all u can find is 50in +. I already have a premium large monitor that is fully calibrated,....not going to buy a tv if have something nice already. that i got when 3yrs ago. (And, do not have the funds for such a unnecessary expense now a days.)

Search the threads on here for that. (or google it) there are many folks that use HDHR emulators to get IPTV support emulating a hdhr.

Anyways, i have tried and returned a few different HDMI switches, cause each one had issue with at least 1 of my 3 devices, either no picture, or flickered, or woudl not do 1080 60hz. My search for a nice, but decent price switch with at least 4 inputs and a wireless remote,...that actually works, continues.
i will try this one, once i have enough Amazon gift cards saved up.

Displaying an already-compressed video stream is much, much simpler than transcoding a raw, uncompresed video feed. Especially if you don't want to lose quality or add latency. The reason nobody has done this is because the end result would be computationally expensive, laggy, and lossy. If you really want to do this, buy an HDMI-to-ATSC or QAM modulator on ebay (caution: they're expensive) and plug it into an HDHomeRun. The results will be horrible.

In any case...I'm not saying your usecase isn't important. I recognize that you've got a constrained setup and you've managed to make it work almost the way you want it to, and it's frustrating to be missing one or two things such as good input switching. But ultimately, this is a feature request that would only benefit very, very few users, but also would be extremely difficult for the developers to implement. I don't think this is something that makes sense for the Channels developers to spend their time on.

I think your best bet would be to get a seamless HDMI switch which maintains HDCP handshakes with all of its input sources, so that switching between them can be nearly instantaneous. Because it maintains separate HDMI connections for each port, your HDMI devices won't be affected by the HDMI switching at all, so this should address the HDCP glitches that you were running into.

That device only supports 1080p, but you could always use the separate DisplayPort port on your monitor to use your computer at full resolution, bypassing the HDMI switch. (It's also possible that there are affordable devices out there that support 4K, but unfortunately I haven't found any yet that are cheaper than just buying an AV receiver instead.)

As an added bonus, this device can also display multiple sources at once by downscaling them and showing them side-by-side. This might be useful if you need to use multiple devices at once with your display.


The device I linked is NOT a switch. It is exactly what you said you were looking for, an HDMI to IP converter....

It is real IP, not an HDMI ethernet adapter/extender. You can assign it a real IP address. It uses an rtsp:// address and can work easily on your LAN network and remotely over the interwebs as I understand it.

I fired up a Win 7 VM and have Windows Media Center working fine with a HDMI in as a tuner source. I also have a VM of Win XP Media Center Edition, where WMC 1st gen lives, that only see coax and composite inputs, but there is proof that DVR software works fine with local input, and we are talking software from 2007 or so. Its only desirable a feature if Channels to to be a nice AIO DVR at some point. Im sure i wont be the last to wonder about local input suport.

Im sure i wont be the last to wonder about local input suport.

I think you might be. :grin:

If it were me, I'd be trying to figure out how to make use of the Display Port input for my PC and the HDMI port for everything else.

[Note that inexpensive passive cables which convert DisplayPort out to HDMI in do not work in the other direction (HDMI out to DisplayPort in).]

I do use DP for my pc, however, it is a pain to have to use the annoying single joystick button style thing on the monitor to change its input. I do it so often, that I am afraid i am going to wear out or break the button. It already has gotten a bit glitchy and weaker feeling, sometimes not registering a press.

I also want to be able to just switch with a remote from further back in the room, the inputs. My gpu a GTX1080 has a free HDMI port, so no issue moving the pc to that too.