File structure differences for Channels and PLEX on NVIDIA Shield

I am running both PLEX DVR and Channels DVR on the NVIDIA Shield.

I recorded shows from both systems.

The PLEX stored the recording in the TV SHOWS folder and created a file structure for the show.

Z:\TV Shows\FOX NFL Kickoff (2013)\Season 2017\FOX NFL Kickoff (2013) - 2017-11-26 00 00 00 - Episode 11-26 TS File (.ts)

Channels stored the program in a sub folder under TV SHOWS called TV

Z:\TV Shows\TV\The NFL Today\The NFL Today 2002-09-08 2017-11-26-1208 MPG File (.mpg)

PLEX showed me it’s recorded program but not the Channels recorded program. Channels did the same but in reverse, Channels recordings but not PLEX.

This isn’t a big deal, but I thought since PLEX can read all the file types, PLEX would organize all of it no matter where it can from and I could access the Channels files from PLEX as well. My thought was to design a library where PLEX and Channels would drop in the same area and PLEX could show me all of video files.

I am liking Channels a lot more than PLEX and my just stay with Channels, so this might not even be a point, but is my thought about a common area possible? Can Channels and PLEX live in the same house and share openly and PLEX can see it all?

I don’t recommend recording into the same folder with both DVRs.

However, you can easily add the Channels DVR directory as an additional folder to your Plex library, and then use Plex to watch everything in one place.

So if you setup Channels DVR to record to Z:\DVR, then you can add Z:\DVR\TV and Z:\DVR\Movies to your Plex library as additional locations

That did work. I am slowly understanding this. Thank you for the clues along the way. PLEX blows the metadata badly while Channels is hitting it perfectly.

Glad to have Channels on the Shield as well. Looks great.

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Will Plex read the metadata from the Channels database to provide screen data or will Plex download/provide its own?

Also, is it ok that Plex and Channels write/reside in separate sub- Folders below/within the TV Shows Folder?

Plex uses its own metadata

Channels should have its own separate DVR folder. It needs to store more than just TV recordings in there. You can add the DVR/TV folder to your Plex library as a secondary source.

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