Film Rate content deinterlaces to 29.97 fps

Film rate content on any interlaced channel deinterlaces to 29.97 fps rather than 23.976 fps, resulting in jerky motion. Commercials do not appear to have this problem. Does this have something to do with the way certain content is tagged? A less-than-ideal solution would be an option to simply perform some sort of bob deinterlacing universally. This would introduce more duplicated frames, but would minimize jerkiness.

EDIT: This is on a Fire TV Stick 4K.

What interlaced channels are you referring to? TVE doesn't use interlacing afaik.

What does View Details on the web UI show for this content?

I was going to post about some Philo channels which are virtually unwatchable with judder (sounds like what he is describing). Two big offending channels are Paramount+ and CMT. For these I have to switch to the native Philo app where the PQ is some of the best I've seen.

Paramount Network, CMT, and Comedy Central are the ones I have noticed it on. I didn't think TVE channels used interlacing either, but these do. There may be a progressive stream available from their site though.

CC, 1080i, HDTV, Stereo. By the way, I don't have an HDHomerun or any other tuner so it's not picking up an interlaced stream from there.

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Please post a screenshot of the View Details info

Are these from the right place?

This information is what is provided in the guide data for the regular broadcast.
This does not necessarily apply to TVE streams.

To see what the TVE stream actually is, click on the gear icon and View Details.

All TVE streams are progressive.

I did notice that a lot of ViacomCBS TVE streams have the issue that you described.
I believe that the problem is at the source and I don't think Channels can do anything about it.

The best thing to do is to report the issue to the networks.

No, you would need to record a sample and then find that recording and select View Details

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Good point from @tmm1. I looked a little bit too quickly and failed to notice that your second screenshot was from the guide and not from the recording.

Some interesting details here. This recording (Mission Impossible 4) starts during the end of a Mission Impossible 1. This program should run at film rate, but shows here as 29.97 fps progressive. The video itself is clearly interlaced.

This recording (Top Gun) started during a commercial. It should run at film rate, shows as film rate and progressive under 'details', but the video is also clearly interlaced.

I will attempt to upload video samples in the next few days. I will post whatever other information I find as well.

This is how the video is coming from the source. TVE streams are all progressive h264, so its up to the source to correctly process and deinterlace it.

The stream comes from Watch Live TV | Paramount Network and you can contact their support here: Contact Us — Paramount Network Help Center

I have filed a report with Paramount. I'll let you know if they respond. I appreciate the quick replies!

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Since we are on the topic of the quality of TVE streams, you may be interested to see this spreadsheet that I created last year:

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