Fire Stick 4K Audio Delay Lip Sync

I'm running the latest 4k software on the stick and latest channels pre release server software. Tried both decoder as software and hardware with no success and also surround sound off and on. I thought it could be because my fire stick is not wired to network but the lip sync is worse on some channels and better on others so I'm thinking its not a network connectivity issue.

Anyone else having the same issue or any other ideas to try and fix this?


Tve or hdhr? Sometimes I get that with ota channels and have to powercycle the hdhr

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Thanks I'm not running HDHR just have the channels server running the m3u file. I'm starting to think its the m3u that could be the issue. I have no way of power cycling anything apart from the channels server

I actually just noticed it on my ccwgtv over wireless. I don't know what to respsond with to help, send diagnostics, not sure if they'll help at all. I don't think switching the transcoding settings around will help either.

I've had this happen on a few recordings over the past year, cable shows not TVE, on a Fire TV Stick 4K long before the recent big update. Moving my viewing to a PC confirmed that it was only that one Stick. Restarting the app didn't fix it, but restarting the Fire seems to have worked, as did just going away and coming back in an hour or so.

I have noticed the same, and when I notice it on Channels, I also see it happening on netflix and prime too.

i end up rebooting the firetv stick and in my case, it stays fixed for a few weeks.

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I tried restarting the fire stick and hasn't solved the issue. Seems to be only an issue with a few channels still annoyingly.

I'm almost certain its now a firestick issue as I have tried running the channel direct from the channels server on a computer (wired internet) and it works fine with perfect sync. I also tried watching a recording which was from the same channel and has perfect sync when watching from the server direct. To eradicate connection (wired vs wireless), I then ran the same programme live and the recording on an IOS client (channels app) and again it works fine.


Submit diagnostics

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Diagnostics sent its channels 101 and 102 and others from same broadcaster.

Does it happen on recordings from the same channels?

Yes it does - I tried recordings and live view on non fire stick clients and it’s all in sync perfectly.

Just resent another log file as its still out of sync on the audio. It seems to be since the big update to the fire tv software a few weeks ago. Tried force restarting the app (beta and original) and no change. Running the new channel pre-release 2324.