Fire TV Cube 2nd. gen issues

I recently changed out my 1st. gen fire tv cube for a 2nd. gen version and now I see an intermittent issue where a live channel playback will not start or it takes a very long time to start the playback. When it happens I just see a black screen and the spinner icon just keeps spinning. Usually I can click back and then select the channel again and then the playback will start. Most of the time the playback starts immediately. I have also noticed that sometimes when the playback starts I initially see a "distorted" screen and then it will clear up after a few seconds. Any thoughts?

Switch to Software on Channels APP.

The setting is under Playback > Advanced > Video Decoder

Yes, I found it and so far so good. Thanks!

Any update on the App Icon showing correctly on the Fire Cube UI yet. Also I found that If you click on the right arrow button on the remote will start the playback of the channel selected. It never starts on none of my OTA Channels unless I click the right arrow button.

My Channels DVR icon is showing correctly in the Fire Cube App list and the playback starts fine on any channel with the main select button or the play button. What does your icon look like?

Looks like it does on this example.

Only apps installed via the Amazon App Store will have the proper icon. This is how Amazon designed their OS.

That is correct. If the app was updated after it was side loaded it may not show the proper icon depending upon what version was initially side loaded. You will need to uninstall the app and then re-install it from the app store.