Fire TV Picture in Picture on Home Screen

Is there a way to only have picture in picture on Fire TV stick only show while Channels app is the focus? I have a macro on my remote that when I press power it goes to the home screen and then powers off everything.

Unfortunately with PIP enabled, I get the video playing on the Fire TV home screen and I would like it not to play there at all. Is this a something that can be set in Channels or Fire TV settings?

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Circling back on this. Is this a function of Channels DVR asking for PIP to be played on the home screen or is this a function of Fire TV OS? Is there any way to turn this off on the home screen.

you could turn off PIP completely. Or, you could fix that macro on your remote so that it works as you expect.

Things have changed since I last posted. I've decided to simplify my life (this never happens!) and I'm using the FireTV remote for control of TV and receiver. As such, I don't have the flexibility/complexibility of the Harmony remote.

PIP is off for now but I do like it and would like to use it. I'm diligent about exiting channels before turning off the tv but my family is not. I prefer not having Channels streaming video for hours when the tv is off. I'm pretty sure this is what is happening.

I agree, it was annoying. Along with the constant freezing I switched back to apple TV

I find it very odd in use as well. I guess I'll stick with the quick guide though it is not ideal. Perhaps that will change with time and development. Overall I'm thoroughly impressed with Channels DVR.