Fire TV playback jumping back to beginning

When I am watching a channel at some point the playback will jump from live tv all the way back to the beginning of time on that channel. Does anyone else have this issue? If so what did you do to fix it? It's very annoying when you have to fast forward all the way to the end to continue watching live tv.

Happens here every know and then.

I have the same issue on a Shield TV. It's repeatable, seems to be tied to how long a single channel is played. Is your DVR running on a windows box?

Does this happen randomly in the middle of watching? Or only when you try to seek forward/back?

For me it's been random but does not occur a lot. It freezes and when I hit the play button, it jumps to the beginning of the buffer. If you want, I'll send a log next time it does it.

A log would be helpful

Just happened on fire stick. Sent diagnostic from app on fire stick. It don’t give me a number. I’m going to send a diagnostic from web


Report #channels-dvr