Fire TV Stick 4K Max jittery motion on ATSC 3.0 streams

on the new Fire TV Stick 4K Max. I know this is a new device and there may be some bugs to work out. I am seeing some jittery motion on the ATSC 3.0 channels whether live or recorded on the Channels DVR app while the native HDhomerun app looks OK. the tuner is HDHomerun Flex 4K

Can you check what setting is under Settings > Playback > Advanced > Video Decoder

it's on Hardware.

I am having a similar issue, but happens on any platform iOS, fire tv, or Nvidia shield, but only happens if there is a banner running across bottom of screen, and it’s just the banner that seems to jittery, my morning Fox News station runs a banner constantly across the bottom makes channel totally unwatchable during this.

Any chance this is being investigated? I'm having the same issue with my two Firestick Max and ATSC 3.0, my AppleTV4k's playback just fine. I'm also set for hardware, hybrid and software setting make it far worse.

How does it look in the official HDHR app?

I have 3 ATV's and one firestick 4k. The firestick is on my office tv and it has always struggled with atsc 3 channels. Its just a crappy device honestly, from bloatware to just overall awefulness. I smiled as i chucked it in the trash...


It plays great on the HDHR app, no jitters at all. Channel's jitters every few seconds on the MAX making it unwatchable. Also of note, the HDHR app seems to have corrected the volume level issue where the ATSC 3.0 channels were considerably lower. It would be great if that could be addressed in the Channels app as the Firestick and AppleTV are still very low volume for those channels.

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I'm also having the jittery issue with ATSC 3 stations on the Channels app on a Fire cube. They run fine on the HDHR app. It'd be nice to get this fixed as would help WAF as the regular ATSC 1 version of one of the broadcasts does not come in very well whereas the ATSC 3 version does.

Firestick 4k and 4k Max both dropping frames like crazy on ATSC 3 channels.

I have the Fire Cube and use Hybrid. I find videos tend to start faster with that setting. I have no issues with 3.0 also using an HDHR tuner.

You don't say how you're connected to the server? At home or remotely. If on your home network there should be fewer issues.

Has this issue been resolved? I have the same problem with the appleTv HD. It’s really bad after a commercial skip or if I increase the playback speed. I’ve tried the default and the experimental driver.

This thread is about an android device.

But yes, it is known that the older Apple TV HD model doesn't play ATSC3 reliably.

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I appear to be having the same issue. Playback on the hdhomerun app works buttery smooth, but recordings and live tv on channels is very jittery for ATSC 3.0.

Fire stick 4k max client and 17-4790k server.

I too am unable to view ATSC 3.0 channels without dropped frames from HDHR Flex4k with FireTV 4k Max running Channels DVR app. Issue is limited to Channels DVR app as HDHR app works fine. Wired ethernet connection with no bandwidth issue. Is there a fix for this?