Fire TV "Stuck Grid"


If a grid entry is longer (wider) than, say, 2 hours, and is wide enough to exit the screen to the right - the grid can no longer be advanced, unless you hop up or down one listing, work your way around the "wide" listing, then jump back.

Seeing this on Fire TV 1st Gen.


I also see this same thing on the Fire "pendant" version. Just got a 4k stick so will test on that as well.


Another FireTV App quirk:
When you arrive (could be days, weeks since your last visit) the app is in what ever state it was when you left.. The last few days saw HDHR's PTV service go completely belly up, then come back with different channels. I refreshed tuners and rescanned to see all the new stuff in the web interface, but when I got to the FireTV it was just like I left it days ago.

Into FireTV Application Settings to Force Stop, Clear The Cache (from days, weeks ago).

If it's not going to refresh itself automatically (on arrival, would be the obvious choice), then I guess we're going to need a button (I'll take it).


Just encountered the same issue with Fire TV app on a 4K stick - didn't open it for a couple of days, and when I came back the guide was empty (despite being ok on other apps).

Seems like apps on fire tv just stay open indefinitely until the stick is restarted, with no simple way of really exiting an app. Having to force stop the app to see the guide is not ideal!