FireStick 4k F/B Slow down - Cache Clear?

I've noticed when I watch recordings/rewind/skip commercials the FireStick 4k gets slower in responding to the forward/back arrows.

It seems the ChannelsDVR apps cache is getting full - it runs 20-80mB when I look. Clearing it helps keep the it running fast.

But when does the apps cache get cleared?
Could it be cleared by ChannelsDVR when you switch to a new recording program choice?

I have manually cleared the ChannelsDVR cache using House/Gears/Apps/Manage/Clear Cache, but that's just too many buttons.

I suggest picking up an Onn UHD for $20 from Walmart. It just works better than FS4K for Channels. Wifi speed is better and picture is smoother too.

Firetv 4K Max the way to go. Great sound and the hardware decoder is greatly improved. No problem with mpeg2.

A regular restart of any Fire device is always a good idea. That usually clears up cached problems for me. If it's powered by a USB jack on your TV, then it turns off and on with the set. Otherwise it's a good idea to go into device settings and find the "restart" (not "reset") button.

I got one of these for my Firestick 4K Max got a deal on pre-order of Firestick 4K Max bundle. Mission USB Power Cable for Amazon Fire TV 4K (Eliminates the Need for AC Adapter) : Amazon Devices & Accessories

Interesting. But does your Stick ever reboot? The Mission USB Power Cable seems to include a battery.

I'm powering an Ethernet adapter and a Fire TV Stick 4K from one TV USB jack. They turn on and off with the TV.

Can't do that with my Insignia Fire TV Edition television sets though, as the Fire stuff is embedded in the sets and hitting the TV remote's power button only puts them to sleep. They never fully turn off unless they have an automatic update requiring a reboot, so I go into settings to reboot at least once a month.

Yes it does when not in use for a bit. The Firestick 4K max has great WFI and I did not want extra Cables.... So this was perfect.... needed the extra power this unit provides.