Firestick remote alternative suggestions

Wondering if anyone had a suggestion or firestick 4k max remote replacements that would be better suited for Channels DVR.

And no, I think another Harmony would be overkill and also expensive.
Just looking for something that has a skip button, page up, page down, possibly a recording button, and guide. Not sure if it exists for this or if I should’ve bought a TiVo stream 4k instead.

Sofabaton UI SofaBaton U1 Universal Remote with OLED Display and Smartphone APP, All in One Universal Remote Control for up to 15 Entertainment Devices, Compatible with Smart TVs/DVD/STB/Projector so on : Electronics

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I like it - thanks for the suggestion. I have to laugh however because it’s more money than I paid for the firestick :joy:.

Remotes don’t make money off of you from ads after you buy them :wink:


Hah. Neither does Jeff bezos when I deleted his horrible launcher and interface. Although I’m sure he doesn’t miss it.

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Hey Maddox, asked in a different thread if you saw any improvements with your X1. Did you also have a U1? I’m on the fence with these Sobatons after read many reviews.

I haven’t touched it since then. I haven’t heard of any updates that would have made it better.

That’s a shame.