FireTV 4k was local, now remote

Hi friendly folks! How are you today? I'm fine thanks.

I have a FireTV 4k stick that was connecting to a Channels DVR Server across the LAN. Now when I go remote with the unit (on the same LAN, connecting to the server in a different location), nothing I do can make the Firestick attempt to 'start from scratch.' Even clearing data and cache, and uninstalling and reinstalling the Channels Whole Home Software app from the Play Store makes it work - it still sits and spins until it can't find an HDHomeRun.

Please advise on how to get this Fire stick to start connecting to this server, now remotely. Thank you.

This may be a known bug, where if there's a DVR in your house it won't let you connect another DVR that's remote. We didn't anticipate this case when the code was written and it acts strangely when it encounters such a setup.

One thing you can try is to uncheck the bonjour checkbox on the local DVR and then do the clear cache, which should start it in a state where it thinks you're fully remote like in a hotel room.

There is no Channels DVR server local to the FireTV stick at this time.

Okay then I am misunderstanding the situation.

Is there a help button on the screen in the app from where you can submit diagnostics?

What does this mean? Are you using Vpn or something?

I got it running, it was a mis-configured network element on my part, user error, not a software bug.

Thanks for the suggestions, they were all helpful.

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