FireTV/Android Picture-in-Picture

I have a harmony hub w/Harmony keyboard. Today by accident hit the 'p' character while the viewing a show. To my surprise, the guide came with a PiP window of the current program! Happened on FireTV but also tested on Android TV on a Shield Pro.

Any chance of adding a 'PiP' function selection for the the color remote keys that sends a 'p' ?

EDIT: Well, there is a bug with this. When switching from an HDHR channel to either a TVE or M3U channel you lose audio.

That's odd. I use the pip feature all of the time. I don't loose audio when switching between sources.

Is there a shortcut to go back to full screen ?

Not that I have found. If you choose another channel to watch, it's all good. I you choose the currently playing channel, you have to un-pause the stream after going back to full screen. Odd, but workable.

I also use this regularly and find it invaluable. I wish they could map it to a button on the ts4k remote. I use a sofabaton with my ts4k just to have access to this function. Witch is a shame because the ts4k remote is so much better then the sofabaton.

Which button did you program into the sofabaton?

edit...nvm, I downloaded the fire tv app and used the keyboard. Now I need to figure out how to add the p button to my Harmony remote hub,,,

I just use the one on the top right across from the red power button.

Thanks. It doesn't look like I can map the "p" keyboard press to a Harmony hub REMOTE, although it does work in the harmony app? So close but but yet so far...

I sent a request to Logitech to add PiP (KEYCODE_WINDOW, code 171) to the Nvidia Shield Pro device profile for harmony, but haven't got anything back. You may want to try as well. (I use that profile for both the Shield and FTV4K)

The problem is that there is no standard USB code that maps to KEYCODE_WINDOW in most android versions.

The code 171 is an Android-specific value and not something that can be sent directly by a Bluetooth or usb keyboard.

I fixed this in, but not many devices are using that patch yet.

Request for a little education for me :slight_smile:
The letter 'p' works from my's that being mapped?

I imagine that Channels is receiving the KEYCODE associated with "P", and initiating the window event. This is a feature of Channels, not part of the Android system. (That's why it's not working with the CCGTV: because the windowing code is either not present or changed from previous Android versions.)


Thanks for the reply.....makes sense.
Then it should be possible for Channels to map that to another keycode as well....say another function 'F' key that is already present in the harmony device profile and we should be all set.

If you add a device like "Windows computer" to your Harmony hub, you can have your remote send a "P" from the other device, and it'll go over bluetooth, too. You are not limited to a single device when using the hub. (I've mixed Fire TV and Shield keys on a single remote to get the features I want.)

There isn't anything additional Channels needs to do. You just need to be a bit more creative in how you setup your Harmony Hub devices.

Except I'm a bit constrained by the 8 device limit....

Thanks for the post. I got it working with the hub and companion remote. Last night I could only get it to work with the app but finally got it working with the remote too.

I bought the Harmony Ultimate to pair with the hub I got with the Companion Remote which is limited to 8 devices. Adding the Ultimate jumps the device limit to 15. It was on sale at the time. The button layout isn't nearly as good so I rarely use it but the added devices was worth the cost.

Is there any tricks after going into PIP mode, and you don't find anything better to watch, or start a recording on another channel, to simply go back to full screen? Yes, if you go to now playing, and find the show you are watching, or find the recording you are watching, that will get you back to fullscreen.

Am I missing something? Has this been requested? Should I add this to feature requests?

If you go back to the PIP window there is a button to maximize the window again I think..

How do you go back to the pip window? What button is that?