FireTV/Android Picture-in-Picture

It says hold home to control PIP but I can't figure out what that means.

It’s referring to the home button on the Apple TV remote. Have you tried that?

No. I am using a Firestick 4K.

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Ahh ok. My mistake. It sure on that client, sorry.

I've added this to the latest beta. It can both start and stop PIP (as can the 'p' key).

  • NEW: Keyboard shortcut 'p' will toggle PIP on Android TV
  • NEW: Pick the currently playing channel on Guide or On Now again to fullscreen PIP window
  • NEW: Use Remote Shortcut keys to toggle PIP
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This is working great! Thank you!

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Having to double select return to full screen from the guide with PiP active is REALLY annoying (Android client). Please put it back the way it was as a single select.

Can you add to turn on pip automatically when you click on the menu button on Fire TV remote, it appears automatic when the guide appears that way I don't have to grab my ipad and open the Fire TV app to bring on the pip to view the guide. This would be great thanks.
Note: Any new client builds you update are only the Alpha or Beta or both being updated.

By "the way it was", do you mean when you couldn't get out of PIP by selecting the "p" button? I would say the Resume Playing/Start from the Beginning option after getting out of PIP, is not needed, but the "p" option to get out of PIP certainly is.

Another option I would suggest would be when the Resume Playing/Start from the Beginning option pops up, after getting out of PIP with the "p" button, if you don't select one of those options within 5 seconds, the box simply goes away! That way you don't have to select anything, you still get the option, and there is no delays by simply going back to fullscreen. As it stands now, selecting "Resume Playing" causes a buffering delay which is very annoying.

I do appreciate the work on this by the developers.

Before they started adding he new PiP functions, it worked like this (Android TV/FireTV)

  • watching Live TV opened from guide
  • send 'p'
  • PiP window opened over the guide
  • scrolled and selected next program
  • hit OK, PiP closes and next selection open full screen

After changes

  • watching Live TV opened from guide
  • send 'p'
  • PiP window opened over the guide
  • scrolled and selected next program
  • hit OK, PiP window updates to the selected program <<<< this is what I want to eliminate
  • hit OK again, PiP window closes and next selection open full screen

I don't see the difference if you change programs?

You now have to hit OK twice to change programs back to full screen.

When I select a recording it goes straight to full screen. I am on Android, maybe that is different?

I have a question with the Fire TV platforms. I don't understand why the menu button on the remote can't be configured to automatically show pip and the guide at the same time. The down arrow already brings down the quick channel guide. Right now the menu button brings down the quick channel guide. Same function on two different buttons.

Just found out about the Picture in Picture mode, I downloaded the beta and love it. How long before the beta comes to official release on Firestick?

If you mean the new "p" button function to go back to full screen, it is already implemented on the stable release. My Firestick 4k was automatically updated.

If there is another new pip function, let me know...

The p button works on the current version, and I’ve set it so I can press the red button on my Samsung TV remote it will open Picture in Picture.
But, if you download the beta, you can set it so the picture and picture automatically pops up when you back out of a channel to the guide, or a recording to the guide, or both, so I’m waiting for that feature to come to the proper current version.

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Does beta102.7.6 implement those new features or is it an even newer beta version? Thanks.

It’s the beta you can download from the settings menu in the current official version.
If you get the beta, don’t bother going a step further and getting the Alpha from the betas settings menu as the Alpha seems very outdated.

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