Firetv keep freezing during liveTV

Thanks everybody for the input i think i found the underlying issue fingers crossed but my nvidia was switching between wifi instead of ethernet so i turned wifi off

Hope this works and helps other also in the community


I am seeing very similar issues with my fire tv 4K max. Note, the HDHomeRun app is working fine.

Diags have been uploaded.

Oh, here's another low-hanging-fruit suggestion for Fire Stick users... Power cycle your Fire Stick at least once a week. Mine (I have 2) get wonky after being powered up for a long time.

I have mine plugged into my USB port on my tv along with an adapter that supplies extra power when needed so after I turn off the TV my Firetv 4K max will power down a few minutes after that. Made for Amazon, USB Power Cable (Eliminates the Need for AC Adapter) : Electronics
Restart firestick/Cube from remote hold "Select" "Pause/play" until it restarts

I figured out my issue. I switched the transcoder from Software to Hardware and now everything is working fine. I think I switched it before while trying to diagnose another issue. I also just received an ethernet adapter for the Fire Stick. The speed is quite a bit slower than wi-fi but I'm hoping it is more consistent.