Firetv keep freezing during liveTV

Chennels keeps freezing as i watch certain channels its a bit hit or miss. For example when i launch ESPN the video starts but immediately stops. Ive tried reinstall, clear cache, install beta and upgrade server and nothing resolves.

Please go to Settings -> Support -> Submit Diagnostic Logs from your device and let us know when it's been submitted so we can have a better idea of what was going on.


I submitted video player logs fyi. Hope thats appropriate

Just checking for any resolution to this my firetv stick is not working with channels despite upgrading to latest build.

What is the storage situation like on your device? Devices with low memory often have issues with Channels because of the need for its buffer. (And as has been stated previously in other threads, the amount of free storage shown in the device's Settings may not be accurate, meaning you have less free space than reported.)

I have 1.63GB of space available

That may be the problem. Chances are the free shown to Channels is less than that, and then take 750MB away for the amount the Channels won't use so the OS runs well enough, and you've got barely 750MB for Channels' own buffer.

(Here's a link to what may be a similar issue. You may want to read through the full thread to get some background:


Thanks! wasnt aware of that, i also have a firetv max smh. Ill try freeing up space to see if that rememdies, unless theres a better workaround to the buffer issue.

It does look like the 1.6GB is correct. We are allocating a buffer size of 600MB it looks like.

Looking at your logs, it seems we are getting a number of connection reset by peer errors while trying to read data from the DVR. This would lead me to suspect an issue with your network or potentially a hardware problem with your DVR.

So far, I didn't see anything in the DVR logs that indicated a problem at the time of the streaming, but the night before and days before that I found the DVR had some network timeouts and DNS timeouts.

What can i do to resolve looks like im still encountering issues after freeing up more space

Go into settings on your client and do a speed test to server and report back what it says.

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Download - 192.79 MB
Latency - 5.8 ms
Jitter - 4.82 ms

OK. Speed to server looks good.

What version of the FireStick do you have? Is it pre-4K? If so, then it probably doesn't have enough oomph for clean playback (I had an early model of the FireStick, and it could only just barely manage running Channels - I upgraded the stick to a new one since they're so cheap - Also gained me the voice and universal remote features which the old stick+remote lacked).

I have a 4K max running channels clients. Nvidia shield running DVR server. Nvidia works fine...

Based upon Eric's earlier reply, your network may be at fault. What is your network topology? What is the path from:

  • Internet (outside of home) to DVR (for TVE/internet recording/viewing)
  • Tuner to DVR/client (for physical HDHR tuners)
  • DVR to client

Understanding how data transits from one point to another can help pinpoint problems.

Ill try to answer but in short each of my device are connectived wirelessly ( firetv and Nvidia )

Internet (outside of home) to DVR is as follows i have my cable ISP into a wireless router which connects over to nvidia shield

DVR to client - wireless connection

Just to clear this up you are running the DVR on the Shield and it is connected wirelessly ... if that is the case you are only asking for trouble....

Or are you also using the Shield as a client/DVR ?

Sorry for confusion my Nvidia is connected via ethernet to the router and currently leverging as my DVR server. The FireStick Max is wireless as my client.

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I have the same issue on my Fire Stick 4K. Playback on the chromecast is great. I frequently get a constant stutter on the Fire Stick. It’s not on every channel though. The network speed is over 300mbps. I’m going to order an Ethernet adapter just to try it.