Fitzy is done because of a dispute with Adobe

How is Channels different?


He's referring to this story. But won't they come after Channels DVR also?

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Actually I saw it on their Reddit. I don't trust anything from CCN


The biggest difference is that FitzyTV was a cloud-based DVR, whereas Channels only offers local DVR capabilities. FitzyTV was never clear or transparent about how they managed the DVR aspect of their service, whether they use the shared pool type of DVR used by most OTT providers, or if each user had their own independent storage like Aereo.

Also, I've never used FitzyTV so I'm unsure how their authentication/streaming worked: do they authenticate and stream using their app as a gateway, or do they only handle the authentication and then the clients connected directly to the streaming providers? If it's the former, then it's clear to see where the problem is. If it's the latter, then I imagine the major point of contention was the cloud DVR.

Because he doesn't do any research, relies on third party sites for his information.

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It could be a shared pool. I'm in Orlando and they gave me locals from NC. The key is Adobe who apparently runs TVE.

FitzyTV's app isn't on the Google Play Store at the moment, so that much seems accurate.

Another difference between ChannelsDVR and Fitzy is that the Channels apps don't do anything with TVE directly. It's all in the ChanelsDVR server application, which is beyond the reach of an app store complaints department.

IIRC, Adobe is merely handling the authentication/SSO for TVE providers. Once authenticated (which is done via cookies, so it can last for about a month), the streams are all direct from the networks'/providers' own sites.

This brings up a question for me. I've been using Channels DVR for a little over a month. I haven't had to re-authenticate the TVE streams. Is that something that the server knows how to monitor and manage? Or, will I just start noticing failed recordings and then have to manually re-authenticate?

On my main server I have never had to re-authorize my XFINITY TVE.... Of course I do no rely heavily on TVE.

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In general, if the DVR server cannot open a stream because the auth token has expired it will attempt to re-authorize using the same credentials as before. This may introduce a slight delay while tuning, but overall it's negligible.

Of course, things don't always work as planned. In those cases, you may have to manually re-authorize the channels that did not do so automatically.

Well, they seem to have the legal right to who can use their service.

Thank you racameron. Are you one of the Dev's in disguise, you know such intricate details about the function of the software. I certainly appreciate your insight and knowledge and participation in this community.

I'm getting to where I hate Adobe. I dont know enough about the mechanics of all the software, but why should Adobe even care?

Adobe cares because they sell this to content providers/networks:

I had no idea. I'm a Creative Cloud user with their subscription model. I don't begrudge them their profit, but they reek of greed.

I'm an ongoing Fitzy TV subscriber, as well as a Channels user.

I'm pretty sure I've seen the developer of Fitzy state in the past that with their system, every user who records something in their cloud DVR gets their own individual stored recording on the system -- re the question you mentioned above.

As to how exactly their TVE works, that I can't say.

When I've encountered the same authentication question in the past with Locast and FitzyTV, the answer I got was that the duration of the authentication can vary depending on the provider. And that in at least some cases, the cookie or whatever continues the original authentication CAN last for some months.

Thanks. So they provide TVE gatekeeping, ad insertion, and optimization tech. Amazing how far they've come from their beginnings as a font company. Interesting. And kinda creepy.
and so on...

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