FIXED: New release was crashing on macOS

Last night we released a new version of Channels DVR Server. There was a bug that affected macOS, but only on older CPU models which is why it didn't surface during our testing. We've just released a fix for this issue.

To update to the fix, please try the following:


2009 Mac mini, Yosemite 10.10.5

This update affected my 10 year old MacBook Pro. The new version provided here worked but now I'm having trouble finding my DVR backups. Where would that be installed as a default?

In the same location as where your content is.

Can't find them. Would it be possible they were deleted when I uninstalled and reinstalled the Channels DVR Server software?

Where do you store your recordings? It's usually in a usb drive that appears under /Volumes. You'll see a Database folder in there