Fixing Imported Movie - Incorrect Match

I have a movie ( Zama (2017).mp4 ) that isn't being found.
Not sure which movie database is being used for matching titles.
That movie is found in both IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes.
Is there a way for a user to update the movie meta data ?

Find the unmatched movie, and in it's dropdown, you can choose Fix Incorrect Match.

That movie isn't in the dropdown.

Ah, no, right now there’s no way to edit the information yourself.

What movie database does the software search from ? Like I said, that movie was found in both IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes

It's probably using Gracenote's; they provide the guide data.

Try entering the tmsId MV010473810000 in the search box


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Using that code worked.
If I need to in the future, how do I find that code myself ?

  1. Search on Zap2It for your movie.
  2. When you find the movie, open its info page.
  3. In the URL of that page, look for the tmsId parameter (for movies, it will start with MV…).
  4. Use this MV… value as your search item in Channels' option to fix the match.

(Zap2it uses the same upstream data as Channels.)