[For Sale] HDHomerun Prime HDHR3-CC

Selling my second HDHomerun Prime HDHR3-CC. Never installed this (new - open box)

$100 shipped in the US

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Sold within 5 minutes :wink:

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Those things are like gold since HDHR screwed up and can’t make them anymore. You should have asked for more money! :grinning:

Not quite true. The company that makes a specific chip/IC needed for the Prime EOLed and discontinued that component. The error wasn't on SD's part, but rather just a market issue.


Eh. They announced the Prime 6 2.5 years ago. I find it hard to believe this was solely a supply issue.

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The failing to deliver the Prime 6 on time—and its inclusion of only 100Mbps ethernet instead of a gigabit adapter like on the original 3 tuner Prime—are completely unrelated to the discontinuing of the original Prime.

That's like saying climate change and global warming are the reason California has droughts. The reason California has droughts is because it's a desert in the shadow of a mountain range; one is not indicative of the other.

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Last fall Silicon Dust released this statement via a pop-up on the Prime 6 web page:

To our customers and anxious fans of the HDHomeRun PRIME model and the upcoming 6 tuner version HDHomeRun PRIME6

When we launched the original PRIME 3-tuner model, there were years of development, testing, tweaking and certifications. No one knew of this because it was just released, and the units are still working today ("HDHomeRun devices just work").

We are still very excited as we plan and develop the updated generation, adding full CableCARD support of 6 simultaneous programs. We had been premature on a few occasions in announcing this product creating expectations from our fans (and the occasional dramatic naysayers).

There have been chipsets that were sold off and killed in the middle of our dev (twice). And delays due to normal development that many don't know nor deem relevant beyond "just give me my PRIME!" and we respect and love that passion.

I want to assure all of our customers and fans that we are still deep in development of the upcoming PRIME6 and we will announce only when the time is right and when we are in mass production. There will be no casual updates or dart board dates to appease the masses. A lot goes into developing new hardware, and as I have said before, "if this one was easy, everyone would have one on the market."

All of us at Silicondust want an HDHomeRun PRIME6 in our homes as much as our supporters. Keep watch and sign up for our mailing list, or follow us on social media so that you'll be the first to know when we are ready to release more information.


Theodore Head

I thought they were waiting for full DRM support

Either way, @girmscheid still should have asked for more than $100 for his Prime 3! :grinning:

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True. I paid over $150 each for mine. Used but in pristine condition with original packaging.

Now that I have two of those 3-tuner models, I don't need a Prime 6. We don't subscribe to HBO or any of the premium channels it may (or may not) support.

I used my HDHomerun Prime with WMC and Windows 7 to watch and record HBO, Showtime, and Starz. After losing WMC in the Windows 10 upgrade, I had to find other DVR methods but nothing works as well as WMC did.

I use Channels DVR with my 2 Primes ... I also use a ROKU to watch on demand from XFINITY. .. If there is anything I want to record that is DRM I use Playon.