For Sale: HDHomeRun Prime x3

My cable provider (COX) raised my bill farther than I can justify. I switched to Channels a few months ago and am happy here.

I have 3x Prime (cable card) units in great shape. I believe I still have the boxes, but not absolutely sure. (I'll check later).

$80 +shipping for each unit
$200 +shipping for all 3
shipping via USPS 3-day flat

are they still available?... newbie to the site here

yes, they are.

Have you ever run both at same time

I have one, curious how a 2nd would work

Is it seamless, or do you need to chose one to watch/record/ETC

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On Jul 21, 2022, at 2:52 PM, Brian via Channels Community [email protected] wrote:

You can have as many tuners as you want and Channels will manage using the correct one

its not just the buying of the unit, its also the additional cost of the cable card every month, if i get one, it would be only 1, i just need to assess if i want to do that , do i need more than 3 tuners with my situation

thank you

Not sure who your provider is, but I have two cablecards with Xfinity, no charge.
One for my TiVo Bolt, one for my HDHR Prime.


While they say no charge, they have always charged me and then a partial credit back to be so its like 1/2 price.
once i complained and demanded it be free and it shut the service off from the card.

There are very few things in life more unpleasant tan deal with comcast customer service with a lady from a foreign country that barely understands English and apologizes every 20 seconds

Keep an eye on your bill. My overall Xfinity costs keep going up and up, but without any official notice my two cards disappeared into this: free "Primary Cablecards"..."On Primary Outlet". Plural "Cablecards", singular "Outlet"; makes no sense to me. But whatever, they're free. SF Bay Area.

Do you still have at least 1 unit remaining? Apparently, I cannot figure out how to private message you.

Click on the username or avatar. Then you will get a pop-up that includes a "Message" button on its upper right.

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