Force Android TV UI?

Is there a way to force the Android TV UI for the Channels app?
Is there 2 different .apks for Channels between the A-TV and normal Android mobile OSs?

I wonder cause I just got one of those super cheap no name China "Android TV" / Kodi boxes at Menards on clearance for $15. "QFX ABX-12".

It appears to have actual Android TV rom on it...(Edit: probably not actually)

Emby, i know for a fact the A-TV app will just crash on mobile os rom.
The A-TV Emby app installs and runs fine, so that seems to indicate this box is fine for A-TV apps.

However, Channels app is seeing it as a phone, and not giving me the A-TV UI.
Channels is working ok, slow of course. TVE plays fine, but it is laggy and drops frames for OTA.. no option to change to software decode....doesn't rellly surprise me.

It is OS ver 7.1.2it says

ah. i had forgotten about that. last i tried messing with that app though, it is so locked down u have to pay to do anything usefull with it. like, inorder to use the tweaked app u make work on a differnt device, u have to pay them $100 or some insane amount.

i have tried that app. does not work with Channels DVR im afraid.
I had to use the Skip Native Libraries option, else the cloned app just crashes.
I have TV support option enabled and show in A-TV launcher enabled...that is the only settings i can change it seems. all the other options u have to pay for premium app then make donations to, but none of those paid options woudl seem to affect getting the A-TV ui.