Format for phone with wide screen

I'm not sure if this has been addressed, but I'm having trouble properly viewing recordings on my phone. Initially videos are stretched to fit which is terrible on the extra wide phone screen. The problem is that when 'stretch to fit' is turned off, the image is proportionally correct, but it is zoomed to a point where the top and bottom of the video are partially cut off. I know in other video apps I've used in the bast (possibly Spectrum TV or Netflix) you could double tap the screen while the video was playing and it would alternate between sort of a zoomed in video and a video that fit perfectly top to bottom with black at the sides of the screen. That is the format that seems to be missing from Channels. Anyone else have this issue?

Which phone?

Galaxy S21 Ultra.

When I view the movie/show through Plex, it displays perfectly. I would rather view it through Channels as with Plex I don't get the extra features like commercial ID and such. If you need examples of how each is displaying the videos, I can upload screen shots.