Found third-party firewall software: Norton 360

"Found third-party firewall software: Norton 360"
Getting this error when I go to the settings screen in Channels. I'm assuming this is why I am unable to add streams locally. The error is suggesting I whitelist the following:

  • Network access via TCP Port 8089
  • Network access via UDP Port 5353
  • The DVR application executable: C:\ProgramData\ChannelsDVR\latest\channels-dvr.exe

The problem I am having is that I uninstalled Norton 360 a month before I even signed up for Channels... I now have a completely different antivirus software. I tried searching for anything related to Norton and removed it all from my system (Windows 10)

Can anyone suggest a way to remedy this?


Paste this in Powershell, what does it say?

gwmi -namespace root\securitycenter2 -query 'select * from FirewallProduct'

Open Windows Security
Go to Virus & threat protection
On the right side, under Who's protecting me? click on Manage providers
Should only show your current AV software there.

You should be able to change firewall settings in Windows Security under Firewall & network protection, Allow an app through firewall

First time using Powershell so forgive me, this is new to me. But here are the results...

__GENUS                  : 2
__CLASS                  : FirewallProduct
__SUPERCLASS             :
__DYNASTY                : FirewallProduct
__RELPATH                : FirewallProduct.instanceGuid="{291930BF-AC1E-39B4-A5F3-2E31710715F6}"
__PROPERTY_COUNT         : 6
__DERIVATION             : {}
__SERVER                 : DESKTOP-KL862A2
__NAMESPACE              : ROOT\securitycenter2
__PATH                   : \\DESKTOP-KL862A2\ROOT\securitycenter2:FirewallProduct.instanceGuid="{291930BF-AC1E-39B4-A5F
displayName              : Norton 360
instanceGuid             : {291930BF-AC1E-39B4-A5F3-2E31710715F6}
pathToSignedProductExe   : C:\Program Files\Norton Security\Engine\\WSCStub.exe
pathToSignedReportingExe : C:\Program Files\Norton Security\Engine\\WSCStub.exe
productState             : 331776
timestamp                : Sat, 08 Aug 2020 16:03:37 GMT
PSComputerName           : DESKTOP-KL862A2

Shows Windows Defender and Webroot SecureAnywhere (the antivirus that I replaced Norton with)
Nothing about Norton...

It shows Norton right here. I’d recommend checking your hard drive and see if those files are still there. If so, it didn’t remove everything when you uninstalled.

I would use the Norton nrnr tool here to remove it

I've checked and have no directories called Norton Security in the Program Files folder, checked hidden files too... Is there another way to look with the cmd prompt or powershell? Don't have a lot of experience looking any other way

I ran that tool yesterday and again today after you suggested to no avail

You could just open an admin command prompt and do a directory.
Right click Start, select Command Prompt (Admin)
Type the following line and press ENTER
dir "C:\Program Files" /A

That will list the directories in C:\Program Files (including hidden directories).
See if you have a Norton Security directory there.

Type the following line and press ENTER to exit the command shell.

Still can't find it...

Could be Channels DVR is getting a false positive from Windows that Norton 360 is still installed.
What problem are you having with Channels DVR (besides the error message)?

If Norton is still installed and running, it should show up in Windows Services.
To see what services are currently running, open a command prompt (as admin)
Type the following line and press Enter
net start
Look for anything named Norton or Symantec
To exit the command line, type the following line and press Enter

That's the limit of my knowledge on it. Beyond that, someone else or the devs will have to help out.

Have you tried the Norton removal tool that they provide? I think it’s a free download.