Fox @ 4k HDR

This is streaming in 4K for me right now, cool! I was experimenting with this feature and noticed too that it streams in 4K even when the experimental "Stream 4K and HDR via TV Everywhere" checkbox is unchecked. At least it did for me after I unchecked it, force quit the Channels client, and re-launched it to try again. Checking and unchecking that box seems to have no effect. This game is streaming in 4K on my AppleTV client, regardless.

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Tried to start recording on time and it’s still grabbing the 720 stream. Stopped and deleted recording, restarted recording 8min in and it grabs the 4k stream.

Logs have been submitted as 81bc5332-f392-42f9-a1f7-8856235933ec


I just fixed the padding tuning issue.

If you stop and re-tune within a few minutes the stream is still cached so it will re-tune 4k even if you changed the checkbox.


Just an FYI, the 4k/HDR stream started 20 minutes late due to the prior event going into double OT.

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My recording that I restarted @ 8:13 is in 4K. May be your 20 min mark is when channels retried for 4k.

I never changed the checkbox. Maybe I’m confused, I thought you fixed the issue when start recording padding is early or on time the 720 stream would be recorded for the duration of the game.

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It wasn't fixed, but it is now.


Working here on my Windows machine! Thanks.

Any clue why my Nvidia Shield which is connected to a 4K TV is showing "Scaled Resolution 1920x1080"????

It seems to be working properly on my Pixel 7 Pro...

Is that the Channels app watching live? Is it the same watching the recording? Have you tried another player like Kodi or VLC?

Scaled resolution can be ignored on android

Yes using the Channels app and watching live. I did not try another player on the Shield.

On my phone, the 4K FS1 channel didn't play very smooth. Playback would hiccup and stutter quite a bit. I tried tuning the same 4K FS1 channel in Emby (using Channels DVR as the back tuner) and it seemed very smooth. Not sure why the difference in playback between the Channels player and Emby player?


Based on my photo am I getting 4K playback from the Shield? If not, how do I fix it?

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Settings > Playback > Advanced > Video Decoder: Hardware

Yes that is where I am at already?

Then you're good.

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Is 4k still working with this? It worked for me earlier this year but I haven't tried in quite a while. I saw there's some soccer matches in 4k so I was curious to see if it's still working but it doesn't seem to be. I'm at 720 for the Guatemala v. Cuba match on now.

I'm curious if anyone else is having issues or is it just me?

Try reloading. That match is playing in 4K hdr for me.

Great thanks I'll test it tonight

What exactly does that mean? The USMNT plays tonight on FS1 at 9:30 in "4K", and it would be nice to have it working in Channels at 4K. I tried one of the 4K USFL games as a test a few weeks back and it only recorded at 720. I toggled the 4K buttton in the web settings but I only ended up with a 720 pic.

"Recording" 4K can be problematic, because most recordings (by default) start slightly early, or on-time. The FS1 4K feed usually starts late, and once you open the TVE stream (when the recording fires), it won't renegotiate up to 4K.

Try starting it a few mins late, or manually once you successfully connect to the show "live"