Fox @ 4k HDR

So a 50,60,or 70 padding all picked up 4k when it was broadcast 6min into the game. Just clarifying this your results?

The guide said it started at 4:00:00 PM EST.
My recordings started at 4:00:50 PM EST. and 4:01:10 PM EST.
From the beginning of both recordings, until 4:06 PM EST, they were HEVC 1920x1080p displaying


Then at 4:06 PM EST they changed to HEVC 4k and a couple seconds later the game coverage started.

So both of the recordings were HEVC H.265 (instead of normal H.264).

You want to start these a minute or more late, which means negative start (pre-) padding.

The first 6 minutes were HEVC 1920x1080p
Anything that just looks at the beginning (like mediainfo, vlc, etc.) will see that and report it's 1080p.

I see that for the first 6 minutes but after that the actual game itself is in 4k, with commercials being 1080. What’s the advantage to starting the recording a bit late if 5 minutes padding before and after still get the recording in 4k? I’m not trying to be snarky, genuinely asking

Because In all the past games, if you start the recording on time or early it would grab and record the 720p stream and not pickup the 4k. Maybe something changed with this game if you got 4k with no late start padding.

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It was mentioned a week ago in this thread that if you have the Fox Sports app, it shows the 4k/UHD stream starting 1 minute after the regular HD stream

Discussion started with this post Fox @ 4k - #149 by jgpeacock

VLC has a hard time playing it but when I check the actual game it does show the 4k resolution....

Did you start the recording 5 minutes early, or on time?

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I believe I selected it from the guide on the Channels DVR server and then just told it to add 5 minutes padding before and 5 minutes padding after.

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This is how I did it :


Appears from your screenshot that your source is this

What most (if not all) of us are discussing in this topic is using the Fox and Fox Sports TVE channels as the source.

My guess is eplustv handles the streams different than Channels DVR TVE.

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So sorry. Yes you are right. I was trying to be helpful. I just assumed everyone here was trying to pull it in through that Custom Channels option. Just curious: is there an advantage to getting it from the TVE or app directly instead (other than not dealing with Docker)?

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For me it's one less docker container or app to maintain since TVE is integrated into Channels DVR.
I was very surprised by my first TVE 4k/HDR recording at 18 mbps with Channels DVR that it was glitch free,


Last couple of FS1 4K broadcasts didn't trigger from TVE. Docker end worked. Did this regress in the meantime?

Channels DVR doesn't pick up the 4k stream until it starts.
If you start watching/recording on time, it will be 720p.

Assume you mean ESPN+ & FOX Sports with Custom Channels via EPlusTV

So with this in mind, if I use DTV Stream TVE (DTV Stream does not provide any 4k streams according to their documentation), will it still be in 4k in ChannelsDVR?

The stream comes from Fox Sports, see About TV Everywhere
If you get the FS1 TVE channel in Channels DVR and as explained in this topic there is a 4k broadcast, then yes.

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I scheduled a couple of curl based manual recordings on two different servers for this afternoon to check. I don't use the Fox Sports app, but according to this game is in 4k.