Fox @ 4k HDR

The game is 4K per the Fox Sports App.

Does it say what time the 4k feed starts?

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No just the start time of the coverage. I would think it about 6:08 - 6:09 but that’s a wild guess. I would expect tip off time.

Thanks, thought it showed a separate start time for the UHD feed

It does. But its possible that behavior only occurs with Fox network broadcasts

So now I'm wondering which one is correct? It show the UHD version starting a minute later than the HD version, or as jagrim said it just lists one version of the game.

By Fox network broadcasts, I mean broadcasts that are linked to your local affiliate which wouldn't include FS1.

Ahh, Thanks for that explanation.

Todays broadcast was totally fine :man_shrugging:

Of the 4 recordings, only the last three were HEVC/4k/HDR.
The first one (that started on time) was H.264 720p.

I give up trying to figure it out.
Best way to tell is watch live and look at Stats on the client device to see if it's 4k, then start recording.

I think i figured out what happened.

I had the FS1 game recording on the DVR, which forced tuner sharing, despite being turned off. Recording started on time, so it got the "normal" one.

Had I stopped the recording, then started watching (or recording) again, it should have worked.

Tuner sharing only applies to HDHR tuners. If your FS1 was coming from a Prime tuner, this is a bug. If your FS1 is from any other source, it will go through the DVR by necessity.

I think he is more speaking of the "tuner sharing" like behavior for TVE. The TVE stream is shared among clients accessing the TVE channel. The behavior is very similar to the "tuner sharing" feature. You don't get a new TVE connection for each client when multiple clients are watching a TVE channel at the same time. All clients share the same stream. The "sharing" indeed explains the behavior @hancox reported.

Hey Guys,

So I don't currently use the channels DVR - but I'm interested in whatever I would have to do get 4k HDR from the Fox Sports app for the Super Bowl. As I'm sure everyone knows, the Fox Apple TV app doesn't do HDR, but I understand the Channels devs have a way to do it. Can somebody point me to whatever I need to do get that going? I don't really need the DVR service, but hell, I'll give yous $8 if I can watch the Birds in HDR :slight_smile:


I actually get HDR on my Fox Sports ATV app most of the time. Some events I don't see the HDR logo but for the most part it is HDR

hmmm... My ATV4K is only every badged "4k UHD" on 4k events from the FS app. FS app on Firestick 4k has "4k HDR" badges on same events, and trigger HDR on my TV. The FS app on firestick is much less stable then ATV4k, so I can't really use it...

Currently channels only does 4k hdr on the fs1 channel. It has not yet been implemented on the local fox channel that the Super Bowl will be played on. In the past the espn plus tv docker container did provide locals in 4K but that quit working a couple weeks ago and I don’t think it was ever hdr through the espn plus. Unless things change this week (which is entirely possible) with channels doing 4k locals through tve I don’t think the service will do what you want.

I was under the impression that the DVR can access the TVE App for Fox Sports (the Superbowl will be available on that app) AND one-up the actual app itself by showing the stream with HDR? Maybe i'm way off base about that?

I have looked at the streams from the Fox apps in ATV's developer mode many times. I have yet to see an HDR stream on the Apple TV. At least, not on any of mine. This is true even if you force your ATV to HDR. When forcing to HDR, the video may look like its HDR, but it's not. You can get HDR from the Fox apps from pretty much every device except the Apple TV..

It does but not currently for the local feed that will have the game. This might change this week or might not.