Fox @ 4k HDR

It claims to:


I haven't tested to be sure.

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Yes. I watched all World Cup games that were on WNYW in 4K via the container.

If you download the fox now app, the local station will show the game in 4K if it’s broadcasted in 4K, has been like that for years.


There will be two Wild Card games broadcast in 4K resolution this weekend, both on FOX; the Seahawks-49ers game on Saturday, Jan. 14, and the Giants-Vikings game on Sunday, Jan. 15.

Schedule of 4K NFL Wild Card Games This Weekend

Date Time (ET) Matchup Network
Saturday, Jan. 14 4:30 p.m. Seattle Seahawks vs. San Francisco 49ers FOX
Sunday, Jan. 15 4:30 p.m. New York Giants vs. Minnesota Vikings FOX

The easiest way to watch these games in 4K is to sign into the FOX Sports app

Sadly, none of the other games on Wild Card weekend will be offered in 4K by their broadcast networks. So what’s the best way to watch these two games in crystal clear 4K resolution?

The easiest way to watch these games in 4K is to sign into the FOX Sports app on your connected or smart TV using your TV Everywhere credentials, assuming your setup has 4K capabilities.

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So if I tune to 6002 instead the OTA it'll be in 4K on Channels?

Not yet

I missed that. Oh well.

then use the espn+ container and activate fox, it will be in 4k if @tmm1 doesnt get around to it.

I can't run Docker because I use my PC for other VMs, and you can't do both, at least not in Windows.

Just an FYI, some markets have the locals available using the Fox app 24 hours a day. In other markets, the Fox local is only available during Fox broadcasts. In my area, just outside of Washington DC, I get both choices. When the app thinks I'm in the DC DMA, as it does now, the local Fox station is available now and 24 hours a day. At other times when it thinks I'm in Baltimore, I can only watch from the Baltimore affiliate during Fox's prime time hours or when other content such as NFL is on. In short, one could test this now if they happen to be in the right market and/or the right time.

I'm assuming if this works, we'll need to enable Local networks via TVE to get the streaming Fox feed? Not sure how that will mix with my existing OTA locals, but i'll give it a try.

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It does work when selecting that option if you are in an area where it is available 24/7. I believe you have to be in an area where Fox owns the station. The first question is, how do you get the 4k/HDR feed when the 24/7 feed is enabled and offered in your area. The second question is, how do you get the feed when you are in an area where the feed is not available 24/7.

Also, checking that box will do nothing if you are in an area where the network, in this case Fox, doesn't offer the 24/7 access to the channel. In most markets, that checkbox won't give you the channel in TVE. In the major markets it will. In my case, my location switches from time to time due to my ISP. Because of this, sometimes I end up with DC locals in TVE when I am correctly located in DC. When I'm located in Baltimore, I don't get any. On the rare occasion where my ISP has me in Boston, I get some Boston locals.

That's what I have. I only get the National Prime time programming from my local Fox w/TVE locals enabled on Channels DVR.

The two wildcard games mentioned earlier Fox @ 4k - #23 by Flt505 do appear in my guide, so should be available in Channels DVR.

That's strange. For me, Channels DVR thinks I'm in Baltimore due to my ISP. Fox in Baltimore does not have 24/7 Fox in TVE. I don't show any content for Fox except for OTA which is what I would expect.

You should see the same thing here and in your Channels DVR guide.

Look at the program listings for Fox with Eastern Default Lineup

Channels DVR Guide for the same times

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Thanks for correcting me. I had the TVE channel excluded. It does indeed show up.

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So I just launched the E+TV container and set it up as a source in ChannelsDVR. The games show in the guide - should it automatically be the 4K feed on that E+ channel? I'm still reading through that entire forum thread so excuse the question if it has been answred elsewhere.



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you have to make sure that you added the UHD and fox sports variable to the run. 4k is only for Fox Sports when available, espn and nbc does not offer 4k.

See here for all the available variables...

eplustv docker