Fox @ 4k HDR

I agree. Give me the higher video quality. Audio is secondary!

I'd agree but it's just upconverted 1080p, which my TV does pretty well. Stereo to fake surround just isn't as good as real surround :rofl:

Yes. It's just upcovnerting 1080p. However, the content is also in HDR which makes it worth it.

I wasn’t getting HDR :man_shrugging:

Depends on your setup. My Marantz receiver falls back to Dolby Pro Logic and its pretty darn good. I am an audiophile so sound is as important to me as video. When I switched to channels from DTV one of the things I was not looking forward to was TVE in 2 channel audio. Is Dolby PL as good as true 5.1, no but it can be acceptable depending on your gear...

You won't get HDR on the Apple TV using the Fox apps. You will get HDR on other devices using the Fox apps. You can currently get HDR on FS1 using Channels DVR pre-release on Apple TV (and other platforms).

Good info, thanks!

If I’m not an audiophile, I at least play one on TV. I have good gear :stuck_out_tongue: The unconverted stuff just sounds… off.

You can get a good deal on the 4K package. It is unclear which accounts get the promotion, but when I was activating a new subscription last week, YouTubeTV offered the 4K add-on for $4.99 for 24 months. Under my other account, it was offered for $9.99.

Trying to watch the FS1 basketball game now via TVE. All I get is this stuck image. It's pulling the 4K feed and I'm using the Pixel 7 Pro.

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Same here. It triggers my Apple TV 4K to 4K HDR10 mode, but it just displays that static FS1 College Hoops screen.

Edit: Same on my Nvidia Shield Pro.

It is on now.

pretty awesome

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I'm pretty sure this is a problem with Fox. The Fox app had the wrong game. Then it went to a similar screen for a while. It eventually corrected.

I’m getting tons of error running job closing connection error’s trying to record it. Anyone else?

This looks soooo good

Is there something we need to enable to get this to work, other than installing the latest pre-release? I'm already using YTTV for TVE.

Nothing to do. However only certain games are in 4K and on fs1. Most programs are only 720

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Thank you. I'll have to look to see when the next games will be broadcast in 4K.

Next game in 4K is Georgetown @ Xavier FS1 tomorrow 1:00 est.