Fox @ 4k HDR

Perfect! Thank you for that info!

How do you find out which games are in 4K on FS1?

Through the Fox Sports app. The 4k events are tagged as UHD or UHD HDR.

You can use this link for reference


Perhaps this has already been discussed, but I set up a recording for the game on FS1 last night. When I checked, it was being recorded in 720 vs 4k. I stopped the recording and tuned to the channel and it was being broadcast in 4k. I started recording at that point and the recording was in 4k. Has anyone else had a similar experience.

Did you add pre-padding to start the recording before the game started?
What did you use to determine it was being recorded in 720p?
Maybe the stream started in 720p and switched to 4k when the game started.

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I didn't try to record it. But as I was watching a little today, I thought the same thing. If you did any padding or if the channel at the time hasn't switched to the 4k prior to the recording. You would get stuck with the lower resolution. I just don't see it re-evaluating once it has tuned to the channel and or while it is already recording.

I have a 10 second default padding. I used the stats on tbe channel and the details of the recording on the PC.

Yep my entire recording is in 720. No padding either side. It has done that on all the games so far I’ve tried to record. This is the first one I didn’t stop delete and restart the recording.

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I guess the padding in this case should be... start 4 or 5 minutes late to get the highest quality possible :wink:

Unfortunately you can’t pad to start late. :clock12:

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Don't tell anyone, but you can if you set the default start padding to a negative number.
To set the default to start 5 minutes late
curl -XPATCH --data-binary '{"PaddingStart":"-300"}'
If running curl from Windows use
curl -XPATCH --data-binary "{\"PaddingStart\":\"-300\"}"

You’re making this way harder than it has to be. You don’t need curl to set negative padding, it can be done in DVR settings on the web interface.

We're talking about start (pre-) padding. not end (post-) padding.
The only other way currently is to set negative padding in the pass.

Will find out this Thursday if recording picks up the switch to 4k.
Scheduled two 5 minute manual recordings.
First starts 1 minute before the game.
Second starts 5 minutes into the game.
Screenshot 2023-01-22 at 12-27-41 Channels Schedule


Hope it works.

I just noticed in the Fox Sports app, the HDR feed of the game actually starts at 6:31PM instead of 6:30pm

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The Iowa @ Michigan State game is showing as 7-9 PM Eastern time

Are you talking about Cowboys @ 49ers on Fox tonight?
Channels DVR doesn't do Fox in 4K yet.

I'm talking about the NFL playoff game on tonight. Just for information for your Iowa game later this week. In the app, if you were watching the NFL pre-game, its stays in SDR and doesn't switch. The HDR feed is a separate program that starts a minute later than the SDR feed. You have to switch from the original pre-game feed to the HDR feed that starts a minute later. If you just stay in the pre-game SDR feed, it stays SDR even when the game starts.


Thanks for the info. I'm not using the app, but I assume the feed Channels DVR gets would be the same one.