Fox and a few other local channels stopped working

Ive been using channels DVR roughly 1 yr and been able to find solutions to every problem I had on this forum, until now.

Fox and a few other local channels stopped working after Dec 3rd. But other local channels are still working. I record Fox every morning so I noticed immediately when it stopped working. Been trying a few things on my end but now I need additional help/ideas.

I made sure latest Pre-Release update was installed and also that the experimental option at the bottom of the settings was enabled "Local Networks via TV Everywhere - Some major metropolitan area offer access to NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX stations via TV Everywhere". I also tried unticking the option, waiting a few seconds and re-enabling the option again.

I verified that I can stream the Fox channel I am missing from the Fox website using my DirecTV login (which is what I use for Channels).

I would recommend submitting diagnostics if you have not already.

Using a secure HTTPS connection to the DVR web UI?

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Thanks Macnbaish, I was about ready to do that but I didn't want to bother the Devs unless I'm sure there is an issue and Ive exhausted all other alternatives.

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I did figure out the solution! If anyone else has this problem I thought id post what fixed it for me. I reset my Chrome and this time when I un-ticked & re-ticked the "Local Networks via TV Everywhere" it prompted me asking to share my location. I accepted and Fox immediately popped back into the lineup along with my other missing locals. Thank you Macnbaish & chDVRuser for jumping into my thread to help me!


Just noticed my Fox local was gone too. This fixed it. Thanks!!

Thank you so much, worked!