Fox TVE 6002 not working

On FOX TVE channel 6002 right now I'm getting the "Stream FOX Primetime and Sporting Events" message over and over again. I'm on the latest Pre-Release 2023.07.23.2124.

That's what you're supposed to get outside of Primetime if your local station isn't Fox O&O.
You should be getting what's in your guide.

It is PrimeTime here on the east coast. I should be seeing Crime Scene Kitchen like it shows in my screenshot.

I know.
What does it show for your local Fox callsign in Rescan Channels?

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I don't know what's up. Have you tried rescanning just your locals by toggling this setting?
Screenshot 2023-07-24 at 18-37-51 Channels Settings

It will take a couple minutes to rescan

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Thanks yeah I tried that already with no luck. I figured it's a bug I'd report.

Does Fox 50 come up on their schedule here

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It does yeah but Iā€™m out of primetime for FOX here with it past 10:00. That site lists my local news. My FOX TVE is signed off.

Maybe the Channels developers can fix it for you

Worked for me yesterday, today it's not.
Getting a 404 error No TVE Channels Loading - #17 by chDVRuser
and their website tells me I'm not authorized No TVE Channels Loading - #9 by chDVRuser

Of course, now that we're out of network programming, the stream saying come back later works. I'm going to try recording something in primetime tonight that's not in 4K. Seems as though this issue is specifically Fox network 4K streams.

I continue to get the same "Live Sporting Events on Fox Sports" message in primetime and hours FOX is signed off like right now. I think my issue is I use Directv Stream and even though FOX was added as a TVE source I don't think it's included. When I go to I can see my local affiliate but when I log in I can't stream live.

I took a look at my fox information and it would appear it is thinking I'm in Palm springs.
We get our programing from kttv 11.
The fox TVE is useless. I had to move over to ABD Tuner or use another source.

Lost at Fox Roulette tonight. Primetime show looks familiar, I've seen it before.

So of course I take their advice and head right over to, but only see this rerun...

I went to the fox site and turns out I'm being directed to the Palm springs affiliate which isn't correct.
I'm trying to get the L.A. affiliate because that is who serves us.
just don't know how to fix it.

I've seen that before too. I don't know how TVE determines your locals but it's not based on your TV package.

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I believe it is determined by your location.

AS it stand now, had to move over to ADB Tuner and a 4k ONN box to get Fox programing back.
I have a subscription to Tugotv that uses east cost stuff to help in tough times plus the most important feature.
Unrestricted access to MLB Network.

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I'm thinking maybe my issue is Xfinity Auto Authentication since I have it turned on. Will try turning it off on Sunday to see.

When I go to the Fox website, after choosing my provider Xfinity, it never prompts me to login, so pretty sure that's it.

Well, just turned it off and I do get prompted to login now at the Fox website. But Fox still isn't working for me. Same issue as before.

Going to give up on Fox TVE for now and turn the setting back on so it doesn't mess up my scheduled recordings from other channels.