Fox TVE 6002

Channel 6002 (FOX) has disappeared for several weeks now. Submitted diagnostics and never saw a solution to my issue. Anyone else having issues with 6002 not appearing anymore?

Can you use your credentials to view your local Fox affiliate at

Yes. I have YouTube TV and it allows me to watch live Fox.

Through the YouTube TV app or through the Fox website?


Update to the latest build. If it's still not working, submit diagnostics and email support

Downloaded latest and channel is back. Thank you.

noticed this morning that 6002 is missing from both YTTV and DirecTV lineups. I tried the latest pre-release, re-scanning channels, but no luck. anyone else?

after further review, it appears that is reading that I'm in San Diego - but I'm located in Bay Area. No option to change. I tried the same on my phone, but was prompted to allow location access, and did, then I was directed to the local Bay Area affiliate. I've never had this happen before on my main computer.

It is most likely an issue with their CDN.

It could also be linked to the Fox Sports/Sinclair transition, too.

thx for reply. bummer. hopefully they can fix it soon. no other problems with any other networks.

tried everything. I did submit diagnostics this morning. it appears during channel scan that fox is not being scanned.

**edit: I am now able to view my local Bay Area affiliate via, but issue persists with channel scan not seeing Fox channel 6002