Freeze during live stream


during live streams (seems to happen more during commercials) the playback will freeze and not recover unless I go to the guide and re-select the channel. Looking at the logs it appears there is something trying to download a file. when that fails (503 Service Unavailable) the stream closes. I pasted the url in a browser on the machine running my DVR and it works. It downloaded a .TS file. Anyone else seen this behavior before, any recomendations?

2019/09/27 08:15:17 [TNR] Opened connection to TVE-Verizon for ch6074 FBN [transcode=none]
2019/09/27 08:16:31 [ERR] Error during stream TVE-Verizon ch6074 FBN: Failed to download file: 503 Service Unavailable
2019/09/27 08:16:31 [TNR] Closed connection to TVE-Verizon for ch6074 FBN


This is an error coming from the streaming server for that channel. We retry a few times automatically when this happens but eventually we have to give up if the video data is never available for download.

I'm not sure why but this seems to happen a lot on FBN