I've recently dumped windows media center and switched over to channels DVR. It's working pretty great for the most part. I have noticed the last couple of evenings that when I'm watching tv off my HDHR Primes sometimes the channel I'm on will freeze up. I am using FireTV Cubes and FireTV Sticks as my STB's. Channels server sits on a windows 7 box with 16G of RAM and a i5 processor. 4TB recording drive. I have a dedicated intel gigabit NIC with flow control off.

If I hit the back button to go back to the guide and then select the channel again it starts playing again with no issues.

This seems to happen more overnight, I leave news either CNN or Fox News on overnight it happens on both. Any suggestions as to why this is happening? I am not transcoding locally, I'm set to original quality.


Which version of the fire stick? 4K or not?


It is the 4K version of the fire stick but it primarily happens that I've noticed on the Fire Cube's as the Sticks are in guest bedrooms and not utilized as often. I'm aware of the deinterlace/decoder issue there.


Likely it's related to the decoder. If it happens on the 4K stick with Software mode, then we might be able to fix it. Can you click Submit Diagnostics on the Player settings tab next time it happens?


Yes sir I will certainly do so! It will come from the fire cube most likely as that’s what I have in the bedroom.


@tmm1... I submitted diagnostics early this morning as the fire cube in my bedroom froze up.