Freezing and NoHDHomeRun Detected

My setup has been working great across my 7 Fire TV sticks around my home apart from the hardware deocding issue.

Until 2 days ago when suddenly after a few seconds of starting playback the picture will freeze for a second and I will get a message saying No HDHomeRun detected, after 2 seconds it will find the hd homerun again and return me to the guide, press play again and after a few seconds exactly the same.

This is the message I get for a split second after the picture freezes and I am returned to the guide

Suprisingly the fix for this seems to be setting decoding to hardware which stops the no hdhomerun message but obviously comes with other issues on some channels!

It seems to be that the HD channels which are unable to play in hardware decoding play fine with this new issue, but the SD channels which are able to play fine under hardware decoding now suffer with this new no hdhomerun detected issue.

Any ideas?


This means the app is crashing. Can you submit diagnostics after it happens and select Crash, then post here once the upload completes?

Done just now

Thanks. Do you have deinterlacing set to Linear or Blend? Does it make a difference if you change it?

I don't seem to have those options. Under video I have
decode: hardware
Refresh rate matching: off
Stretch to fit: off

Sorry had to go to bed as it was quite late last night

Below is all the options I have available:

I'm having the exact same issue on my 4K Firesticks on certain channels. It seems to have started a couple of days ago.

Are you in the UK? ITV 2 it's awful for me can't get through more than about 5 seconds.

The .11 changes have broken the 4K stick... how do we get a copy of .10 until it's resolved? I uploaded crash report last night when I noticed the issues.

v2.1.12 has been uploaded to Amazon with a fix.

This version fixed the issues for me. Thanks!

None of my Fire TVs have managed to receive the fix. Hopefully they pick it up soon. Thanks for resolving this so quickly

Should the Fire Stick 4K be configured in the Channels App with Decoder set to Software or Hardware?

If you're in the US, use hardware. In the UK (and maybe elsewhere in EU), probably software. The 4K Stick has problems with interlaced H.264 content, which I hear is common in UK broadcasts; a fix is expected sometime in the future. The previous fix was for MPEG-2 interlaced content.

Thank you!